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Not Teacher Quality, but Quality Teaching

I’m looking forward to Elizabeth Green’s forthcoming book Building a Better Teacher. A sneak preview ran in the New York Times magazine this weekend and is up on the website. The lengthy Times’ excerpt tells the story of a teacher who fell in love with novel ways of teaching math that were pioneered by reformers in the United States and adopted in his native Japan, reportedly to great success. Bu ...
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Can We Strike 1-to-1 from the Edu-Dictionary?

More often than not, when I ask school systems and principals about their approach to instructional technology, I hear one of two things. A victorious “We’re a 1-to-1 school!” Or a sheepish, “We’re not a 1-to-1 environment. We’re just not there yet.” A 1-to-1 laptop or iPad roll out is not, however, a new instructional model. Yes, some sort of hardware is required to implement blended learning. And certainly some blended-lear ...
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Behind the Headline: After 10 Years at Work, Teachers in Some States Make Less than $40,000

On Top of the News After 10 Years at Work, Teachers in Some States Make Less than $40,000 7/23/14 | Vox Behind the Headline Scrap the Sacrosanct Salary Schedule Fall 2008 | Education Next In a post on, Libby Nelson notes that the average teacher with a bachelor’s degree and 10 years of experience earns less than $40,000 in many states, and that “relatively low salaries for experienced teachers with bachelor’s degrees are the norm, not the exce ...
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Behind the Headline: Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan is Paternalistic

On Top of the News Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan is Paternalistic 7/24/14 | Slate Behind the Headline An Appeal to Authority Fall 2008 | Education Next On Thursday, Paul Ryan announced a new anti-poverty plan in a speech at AEI. Slate’s Reihan Salam writes of the plan “it includes some of the most thought-provoking ideas to have ever come from the halls of Congress, where ideas traditionally go to die.” As part of the plan, case ...
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Americans Stink at Math (But We’re Much Better Now)

Elizabeth Green’s story for Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, “Why Do Americans Stink at Math?” is a must-read. Green illustrates our national struggles with math in numerous and at-times painful ways–in particular, read about how customers preferred McDonald’s 1/4-pound hamburger over A&W’s 1/3-pound patty because they thought it had more meat. Her piece is entertaining and seamlessly brings in education topics like teacher preparation, the structure of the school day, poorly ...
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Rosetta Stone, MegaStudy and Educational Software in Korea

While in Korea studying the country’s education system on my Eisenhower Fellowship, I observed how little Korean society values educational software. The idea of paying for educational software with any basic instructional design, let alone adaptive, game- or simulation-based learning, was a largely foreign concept to Korean educators and the Korean public. In talking to CEO and founder Son Joo Eun of MegaStudy, one of the most successful disruptive online educational compan ...
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Teacher Retention and Quality in Tennessee

Teacher attrition has increased over the past couple of decades, but attrition is not necessarily bad if the teachers who leave weren’t performing well. What’s most problematic is the loss of an effective teacher. Tennessee recently released a report that examines teacher retention in relation to effectiveness. The report tracked teacher retention patterns alongside effectiveness levels from 2011-13, when the state first implemented its multiple measures evaluation system, the Tennessee Evalu ...
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Course Access Opens New Horizons for Students

When Elaine Nielson was in sixth grade, her teacher noticed that she and a few of the other students in her class were up for a challenge and decided to start teaching them Algebra. The following year at her local junior high, Elaine found Algebra I to be a breeze because so much of the course content was on material she had learned the previous year. Then when Elaine was in eighth grade, her mother found her working on her math homework one day and noticed that she was ...
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Accountability for Students: Exit Exams

The following is an excerpt from What Lies Ahead for America’s Children and Their Schools, a new book edited by Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Richard Sousa for Hoover Institution Press. This excerpt comes from a chapter called “Holding Students to Account” by Paul E. Peterson. There is no national exit exam policy in the United States set either by the federal government or by a consortium of state governments. US policy stands in contrast to the practice in many ...
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We’ll Miss You, Michael Gove

Recent revelations suggest that David Cameron’s unexpected move to replace reform-minded education minister Michael Gove (who’s been popular with British conservatives) with Ms. Nicky Morgan might have been triggered by more than crass pre-election maneuvering to placate teachers and women. Gove’s earnestly pursued and widely touted “academies” scheme, which allows district-operated public schools to convert to charter-like status and be managed by outside grou ...
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