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Hoops Manifesto

The 10 Worst Officiating Mistakes Of The 2013 Season

Officiating college football is a much tougher job than it used to be. The speed and power of the athletes have increased, but the speed of the game has increased as well. Faster athletes running hurry-up-no-huddle offenses with spread formations and more downfield passes make life a lot harder for the on-field arbiters of college football. This is a demanding job, and such a realization needs to enter any discussion of college football officiating. We’ll have a lot m ...
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7 Coaches on the Hot Seat

Now that the College Football Playoff is here, coaches will be under more pressure to win than ever before. In today’s age of instant gratification, coaches won’t have the luxury of having a down year or a rebuilding campaign. They must win, and they must win NOW. Rightly or wrongly, this type of thinking will cause fans to speculate more often about the status of their head coach. That begs question: which college coaches enter 2014 on the hot seat? Here’s a list of seven: 7. Will Muschamp – ...
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‘Your Baby’s Name is Awesome’ & Other Ways We Say ‘Congratulations’ To New Parents

This week I returned to work after spending the past 10 days at home on paternity leave after my wife gave birth to our second child — another son who has a head full of black hair, and the jaundice that also afflicted his older brother. My life during these 10 days was spent playing soccer with the four-year-old, cooking food, and not combing my hair. For almost two weeks, I was in this insulated world of my family, and the occasional visiting friend or family member. After spending a ...
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Anyone want to bid on Jordan’s 1997-98 Bulls’ contract?

Now you can own a piece of Michael Jordan history as his 1997-98 contract is up for bidding. Jordan inked a 1-year, $33 million deal with the Bulls for the 1997-98 season. Historically, it was the last contract he would sign in the NBA. The contract is up for auction by Heritage Auctions and here is a photo of his deal which could be all yours if you got that kind of cash handy. via Heritage Auctions Via ESPN: The original estimate for the contract’s value by the comp ...
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Flashback Friday: The Miracle at Michigan

With Pac-12 media days this week and the focus on the “have’s”, it got me thinking about what has happened to Colorado? In the old Big Eight conference, the Buffaloes peaked under Bill McCartney in the early 90s and were a major factor in the world of college football. From 1989 to 1990, they went 22-2-1 and claimed a National Championship with a win over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the 1991 (1990 season) Orange Bowl. They slowly started to fall off the college football map in ...
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Dallas Keuchel thanks heckler with note on souvenir baseball

A ball @kidkeuchy tossed to a heckler sitting next to me #Astros #Athletics — Nick Wong (@nickw888) July 24, 2014 Houston Astros lefty Dallas Keuchel took a (more passive-aggressive) page ...
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Ryan Raburn spikes throw, allows ‘inside-the-park HR’

In a 0-0 game in the bottom of the 8th inning, Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas hit a lazy fly ball down the left-field line. Raburn slid for it, but the ball bounced off his glove and rolled over to the wall. Moustakas seemed content jogging into second for a stand-up double until Raburn tried to throw the ball, as if he wasn’t bad enough with his glove. It turned into a little league inside-the-park home run, though Moustakas was technically awarde ...
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Easiest Hardest: Golovkin Vs. Geale Preview And Prediction

Middleweight’s version of Perun, Gennady Golovkin, faces his best opponent this Saturday on HBO in Daniel Geale, an opponent who has beaten better foes than he has. Such is the mythological might of the man they call GGG that Geale is viewed as a sizable underdog. The longer we go, the more the mythology matches the human being. We heard wild tales of Golovkin’s gym feats before he appeared on the major stage, of his beatings of far  more w ...
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Ethical questions abound with CFB Playoff, SEC Network

By Bart Doan On Twitter @TheCoachBart Years from now, we’ll probably look back on this and think we all should have known better. The college football year 2004 changed everything, from our first real anger at the BCS having a fatal flaw when three major powers in the sport went undefeated and the title game had room for only two to the Big 10 figuring out the money was better as the newly-branded B1G away from ESPN and into its own network. The SEC was sitting across the street sipping ...
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Donald Sterling may need to sell Clippers to pay debts, keep Doc Rivers

The Donald Sterling saga will not end. A few weeks ago, Sterling was in court fighting his estranged(?) wife for control of the trust which owns the Clippers. No decision was made as of yet and so Steve Ballmer and the Clippers are kept in limbo. This delay and questions about the Clippers’ future, as well as the Sterlings’ involvement with the organization, are causing two major repercussions that everyone will be ...
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