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Mother Jones

My Ten Dollar Offer to the Halbig Truthers

There's no question that the statutory text of Obamacare contains a mistake. In one of its sections, it authorizes federal subsidies only for taxpayers who enroll through a state-based exchange, not for those who enroll through the federal exchange. But was it really a mistake? Brian Beutler comments: Right-wing activists have spent the last several months fabricating a rival narrative—a ludicrous theory of intent, in which leading Democrat ...
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"Confused Cats Against Feminism" Is the Purrfect Response to "Women Against Feminism"

The Tumblr Women Against Feminism has inspired scores of think pieces decrying its misuse of the term "feminist." Yet when David Futrelle saw the collection of photos of women holding handwritten signs like "I don't need feminism because I am not a victim," it reminded him of his cats. "It just seems like cats never know what's going on," Futrelle says. "If anyone would get really c ...
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Why You Should Appreciate the Humble Beaver

This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website. The great novelist Wallace Stegner sorted the conflicting impulses in his beloved American West into two camps. There were the "boomers" who saw the frontier as an opportunity to get rich quick and move on: the conquistadors, the gold miners, the buffalo hunters, the land scalpers, and the dam-building good ol' boys. They are still with us, trying to drill and frack their way to Easy Street across our public lands. Then ...
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The NRA's Murder Mystery

Robert J. Dowlut is the NRA's top lawyer, a "human encyclopedia" on the subject of state gun laws and the man responsible for much of the gun lobby's success in a series of court cases that have steadily eroded restrictions on gun ownership in the United States. "He is a really reliable and exhaustive source for legal input on the issue," says one admirer. But 50 years ago, as MoJo's Dave Gilson reports in "The NRA's Murder Mystery," ...
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Jim Carrey Movies, Ranked

The Mask came out on July 29 1994. It was Jim Carrey's second blockbuster. (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective had hit theaters that February.) But where does it stand in the Jim Carrey canon? Here are all the Jim Carrey films*, ranked. 1. Liar Liar 2. The Truman Show 3. Man on the Moon 4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 5. Yes Man 6. Bruce Almighty 7. Fun With Dick And Jane 8. Dumb & Dumber 9. The Mask 10. A Christmas Carol 11. I Love You Philip Morris 12. Kick ...
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Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic Will Remain Open—For Now

The last abortion clinic in Mississippi has been on the brink of closure for nearly two years. But the fight to shutter the Jackson Women's Health Organization may have ended Tuesday, when the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the strict anti-abortion measure that would have closed its doors forever. The court fight to save the clinic began in 2012, after state lawmakers passed a bill requiring aborti ...
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White House: Ignoring Climate Change Will Cost America Billions

This story was originally published at the Guardian. The White House has warned that delaying action on climate change would carry a heavy price, racking up an additional 40% in economic losses from climate impacts and other costs over the course of 10 years. White House officials said the stark finding from the president's council of economic advisers underlined the urgency of Barack Obama' ...
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Guns and Doctors: A Follow-Up

Aaron Carroll responds to my skeptical take on doctors asking patients about their gun ownership: I think you ask legitimate questions, but these are consensus things that pediatricians ask about. You’re thinking like an adult, and not as a parent. I don’t know if internists ask adults about guns. I doubt they do. But pediatricians do ask parents. They also ask if parents have talked about street safety. They ask ...
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Quote of the Day: "The Press Loves to Cover Her Hard"

Dave Weigel notes that the media is still obsessed with Hillary Clinton's comment about being "dead broke" when she and Bill left the White House: They've got to be sick of this by now. Maggie Haberman had it nailed three weeks ago: Hillary Clinton was "still raw over the partisan wars that hindered her husband’s legacy and left the couple with millions of dollars in legal debt." Her answ ...
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This Man Fears America Will Have Him Tortured—Again

Sweden has declined to grant asylum to an American who fears his own country will have him tortured—again. In June 2011, Yonas Fikre, a Muslim American from Portland, Oregon, was visiting the United Arab Emirates when he was suddenly arrested and detained by the local security forces. For the next three months, he claims, he was interrogated and tortured—grilled with questions that were nearly identical to those the FBI had posed to him just a few months earlier. He believ ...
Full article at: Mother Jones 9 hours ago, 12:58pm CDT

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