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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Beats Up The Expendables 3: Weekend Box Office Report

Although three new films landed in theaters, and several of them pretty high profile, the top two spots at the box office remained the same as last week. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles repeated as the top film with $28.4 million in ticket sales, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy -- that came in second (again) with $24.7 million. The hit film with those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quotes spent its second week atop the box office charts brought its two week ...
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13 Sequels That Replaced Stars: No Sequel For You!

When a movie gets a sequel, it's because the first film (clearly) did well. Audiences responded to the story and the actors playing the characters. But, sometimes, when a studio green lights a sequel, they must think that the franchise weighs more than the people playing the characters in the previous film.  We found 13 movies that had sequels that moved forward with different stars, thinking that things were just fine.  There are numerous examples of this w ...
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Edge of Tomorrow DVD Release Date & Bonus Features: Revealed!

Edge of Tomorrow is without a doubt the best Tom Cruise movie in years (as our Edge of Tomorrow review pointed out). And audiences agree as the film has made a smidge under $100 million so far this summer at the box office. Now, Warner Bros. has announced plans for the film that also stars Emily Blunt to come home on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download. Edge of Tomorrow will land on Blu-Ray 3D combo pack, regular Blu-Ray combo pack, DVD and digital HD on Octob ...
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Dumb and Dumber To Poster Parodies Lucy Poster

Jim Carrey took to his WhoSay account and posted a parody poster of Lucy for Dumb and Dumber To. It is bloody brilliant and plays on the Scarlet Johansson character from the Luc Besson blockbuster summer hit flick.   First, look at the Lucy poster below and it’s tagline of, “The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine what she could do with 100%.” In the Dumb and Dumber To parody poster ...
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Fifty Shades of Grey Photo: "I'm in Christian Grey's Suite!”

We just happened to be on the Fifty Shades of Grey Facebook page (hey, it’s our job!) and we noticed a new photo added that is coy to say the least. It’s a shot of a breakfast menu for The Heathman Hotel hanging off a hotel room door. And the only caption on the photo says, “I'm in Christian Grey's suite. How did I get here?" We’re guessing the quote is from Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and the “How did I get here?” part sa ...
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Weekend Movie Preview: August 15, 2014

The weekend preview for this third-to-last weekend of the summer movie season finally sees the superstar action hero cast flick -- The Expendables 3 -- landing in theaters.  Also on the docket is the legendary YA book that took 20 years to come to screens, The Giver, and Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. decide to Let's Be Cops.  Let's break it down... The Expendables 3: Sly Stallone adds a whole lot of action he ...
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The Equalizer Trailer: Teases Eminem's Theme!

The latest The Equalizer trailer not only gives us more footage of the Denzel Washington starring effort that brings the 80s classic TV series to the big screen, but also its uber-catchy theme song. Eminem and Sia joined forces and give us the track Guts Over Fear, which seems like quite the apt title for a theme song about a man called The Equalizer (Washington), who was a former black ops operative making a life for himself working in retail. When he gets tangled up with th ...
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11 Blockbuster Movie Mistakes: Enormous Errors!

We expect our movies to give us a story that entertains, but also is accurate for goodness sakes! So, how do you explain these movie mistakes from 11 of the most popular films in the last several decades?  Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith online and there's a glaring error that could easily have been caught in editing. Or it least it could have been cut around! We also found a pretty big mistake that you can catch too when y ...
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Star Wars Episode VII: Is This The Stormtrooper Helmet?

We've got what we believe is the first look at the helmets for the Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII.  Of course, the helmets for the Stormtroopers in Star Wars Episode IV through Star Wars: Episode VI are downright iconic and as Abrams' Star Wars takes place 30 years in the future it would make sense that he would borrow from the original designs by R ...
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22 Jump Street: Every Sequel Poster Revealed!

At the end of 22 Jump Street, filmmakers Chris Miller and Phil Lord just kind of put it out there and by "it" we mean every possible sequel idea that could ever be. Sure, in the movie Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill comment about the building being constructed at 23 Jump Street -- a direct dig at a possible sequel headquarters for our comedic cop duo.  But, then Lord and Miller took it a step further after the film's credits and told us what we can "expect" from ...
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