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Top 5: Reasons Why Chris Pratt is The Man!

Guardians of the Galaxy has taken over everyone's movie obsessions with good reason. It has it all. Action, aliens, warriors, humor, and the ultimate heroes. Heroes we can all relate to. Heroes who feel like us. Heroes who are going through a lot of the same motions of life that we all have to face in our day to day, albeit on a bit of a grander scale. It's a movie that has been explained as pure joy to watch, and you won't hear me argue that at all. O ...
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Birdman: New Trailer Dives Deep into a Washed Up Superhero

Academy Award nominated director Alejandro González Iñárritu takes on the superhero genre with his new film Birdman. While the film will not be released until October, its distributor Fox Searchlight Pictures is really pushing the art-house film with a new trailer. Iñárritu is mostly known for making films that are photographically beautiful, but emotionally painful and taxing and from the looks of the new ...
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SDCC Video: The Walking Dead ESCAPE with David Isaacs

This past weekend at SDCC, I was not only given the opportunity to check out The Walking Dead Escape course at SDCC -- I even RAN it! While most of the footage was eaten by walkers (read: I can't run and film!) this video shows a chunk of the run, and includes an incredible interview with David Isaacs, the mind behind the madness. Scroll down for some great images from the course. One of the craziest obstacles on the courseSurvival Tactics. It was, well... nuts.Don't sl ...
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Finally! First Official "Into the Woods" Trailer Just Released

EEP! At long last, we finally get to see the first official Into the Woods trailer. Unfortunately, there is not singing, but they have to save some surprises for later! Check out the exciting trailer above.To see enchanting images of our favorite fairy tale characters please click here and here!Also make sure to check out my personal movie bl ...
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Calling all Horror Filmmakers: Screamfest wants YOU!

Horror film festivals come in all shapes and sizes, and Screamfest Horror Film Festival's deadline is coming up FAST! The 2014 film competition is open for all new features and short films from around the world, and they'll be accepting submissions until August 1! FILM CATEGORIESHorror FeatureHorror ShortSuper Short (under 10 min)DocumentaryAnimationStudent Horror FilmSUBMISSION INFORMATION:Screamfest will accept films ...
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New Zombies for Walking Dead Season 5 Are an Evolution of the Grotesque

AMC has released some official production images of the flesh-eating walkers set to terrorize Rick and the gang in The Walking Dead Season 5. We've been promised that the undead in this season will be even more decomposed and rancid that those seen previously. From the look of the nasty guys below, FX guru Greg Nicotero has once again proven he's the master of the macabre.Check 'em ou ...
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Guardians of the Galaxy: First Look at Thanos Leaked

Wouldn't you know it?Just when things were starting to look up for our ragtag team of Guardians, a mad, homicidal Titan just has to appear...Now, in fairness, we all knew that was coming - what with Josh Brolin having been cast in the part, and Thanos, y'know, obviously being in the movie - but all the same, that is very much not a face overflowing with hidden depths of benevolence.Yup, Thanos is on his way, and he clearly has other t ...
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Channing Tatum Stars in New Preview of The Book of Life

There are a lot of ways you might describe Channing Tatum:Famous. Handsome. Famously Handsome. I'm fairly sure Studly's a popular one. Sex Incarnate is definitely another. Dreamy's pretty common.Inadequate, though?That's a new one.From the sounds of the latest featurette for the film, The Book of Life might have a lot to answer for...I mean, sure, Channing, we all wish we had a mustache as fine as Joaquin's in the movie - ...
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COWABUNGA! The TMNT Reboot Is... Actually Awesome!?

Of all the things to discuss about the Turtles content we've seen so far, it's the purist fanboys moaning about the reboot that've gotten the most attention.Yep, Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot hasn't had an easy time convincing fans to embrace its existence - partially based on the fact that they've made some pretty big changes to t ...
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The SpongeBob 2 Trailer, or How I Lost My Sanity

Whoever said that nothing could top Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo or Island of Lemurs: Madagascar as the trippiest 3D movies of all time - in both cases me by the way - can go Sponge himself!The trailer for SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Sponge Out of Water boasts Antonio Banderas playing a snarling pirate (!) being after SpongeBob's life. Our titular hero retaliates in suitably trippy manner by going full Rambo bandana and leav ...
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