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Planning inspector dismisses developer's appeal against affordable housing requirement

A planning inspector has dismissed a developer's appeal to have the affordable housing requirement removed from a planning obligation, under a procedure introduced by the Growth and Infrastru ...
Full article at: 18 hours ago, 11:05am CDT

DCLG invites local authorities to bid for share of £3m 'site delivery fund'

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has invited local planning authorities to bid for a share of a £3 million fund to help them to speed up delivery of developments held up in the ...
Full article at: 18 hours ago, 11:03am CDT

Mayor of London launches infrastructure plan consultation

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has published a draft London infrastructure plan for consultation, estimating a need for £1.3 trillion of infrastructure investment in the ...
Full article at: 18 hours ago, 11:02am CDT

EU announces funding for new transport infrastructure projects

More than 100 projects aimed at improving Europe’s transport infrastructure will benefit from more than €320 million of funding, the European Comm ...
Full article at: 18 hours ago, 10:59am CDT

Technical standards for 'smart tags' developed with data protection in mind

Businesses making use of 'radio frequency identification' (RFID) chips will be able to comply with EU data protection laws if they adhere to new standards for the chips that have been finalised, according to the Euro ...
Full article at: 18 hours ago, 10:55am CDT

Proposed new rules for bankers' pay could put UK at a competitive disadvantage, expert says

Proposed new rules which would criminalise the "reckless" conduct of senior bankers and allow bonuses to be 'clawed back' up to seven years after being issued could but the City of London at a competitive disadvantage and affect UK banks' ability to attract the best staff, an ...
Full article at: 18 hours ago, 10:37am CDT

$1bn deal to boost reform and investment in Angola’s energy sector

The African Development Bank has signed a $1 billion agreement to support financial and institutional reform in Angola’s energy sector and encourage increased pr ...
Full article at: 19 hours ago, 9:29am CDT

How suppliers interpret criteria for awarding public contracts is irrelevant to how the criteria are to be understood, rules Supreme Court

The way in which suppliers interpret criteria set out in tender documents is irrelevant to what that wording is to be understood as meaning, the Supreme Court has ...
Full article at: 20 hours ago, 8:48am CDT

Employment tribunal cases drop significantly, but claims that go forward tend to be more expensive, says expert

The number of claims referred to employment tribunals may have dropped by as much as 79% in the year since fees were introduced, according to figures produced ...
Full article at: 20 hours ago, 8:36am CDT

Singapore set to criminalise manipulation of financial benchmarks

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has unveiled new proposals to regulate financial benchmarks in response to incidents around the world involving the alle ...
Full article at: 22 hours ago, 6:28am CDT

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