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Outside the Beltway

U.S. Evacuates Embassy In Tripoli Amid Renewed Violence

While the world has been paying attention to Ukraine, Gaza, and Iraq over the past several weeks, the political and military situation in Libya has also been deteriorating. Militia groups from Misrata and other parts of the country have been battling government forces for weeks now, with much of the recent fighting centering around Tripoli’s airport. In recent days, though, it seems that the situation inside the capital itself has deteriorated to such an extent that the United ...
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World War One And Ukraine

In the month since the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, I’ve noted the innumerable ways in which World War One continues to resonate with us today (see here, here, and here). It is, you might say, the indispensable war. The event without which the world as we’ve known it over the past century would not have unfolded as it did. No doubt, many of the same events — the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian Empires in particular — li ...
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Military Enlistment Rates by State and Region

It likely won’t shock you that the South and Southwest have a much higher military enlistment rate than the Northeast: Or that Georgia and Florida have among the highest rates of enlistment in the country—although maybe it would surprise you that Maine is right there with them: Jeremy Bender, Andy Kiersz, and Armin Rosen, who compiled the maps for Business Insider using Defense Department data, offer some plausible explanations: In 2013, 44% of all milita ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 22 hours ago, 3:22pm CDT

The Commandant Didn’t Say What Everyone Says He Said

My latest for War on the Rocks, “Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Papers,” has posted. The intro: Many of us have experienced occasions where we’ve read about an event in which we were a participant — either as a direct actor or merely an observer — and found ourselves perplexed by the written account. Whether because of an ideological agenda, an inadequate understanding of the topic, or — more commonly — a desire for a juicy ...
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Morgan Freeman Reads LeBron James’ ‘Coming Home’ Letter

I heard this on the way in to work this morning: Frank Caliendo reads LeBron James’ “letter” explaining why he chose to go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the voice of Morgan Freeman’s “Shawshank Redemption” character. My familiarity with Caliendo was from the often lame bits he did on the Fox NFL pregame show for a number of years. He’s apparently moved on to ESPN now and actually has quite a range of impersonation skills. via Digg ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 1 day ago, 3:59pm CDT

On Foreign Policy, Conservatives Should Leave Ronald Reagan Behind

Ronald Reagan has been dead for more than ten years now, but the Republican Party continues to bring him back into the public debate on a regular basis. Hardly an election has gone by in the past twenty years in which someone, somewhere has not eventually expressed the idea that what the GOP, and the nation as a whole, needs is another Ronald Reagan. Of course, as we’ve discussed here at OTB many times in the past (see here, here, and here for example), the Ronald Reagan that ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 2 days ago, 12:44pm CDT

Federal Judge Strikes Down Colorado Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Thanks in large part to the decisions from the 10th Circuit decisions that struck down similar laws in Utah and Oklahoma, a Federal Judge in Colorado has ruled that the Centennial State’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional: Colorado Attorney General John Suthers lost another round in his fight to defend the state’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage. Federal and state judges have now declared the law unconstitutional, and Boulder’s clerk ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 2 days ago, 11:48am CDT

Montana Senator John Walsh Caught In Plagiarism Scandal

Montana Senator John Walsh, who was appointed by the state’s Governor after Max Baucus resigned to become Ambassador to China and is now running for re-election in a race in which the Republican candidate is heavily favored, is finding himself in the middle of a campaign controversy related to one of the biggest parts of his resume: WASHINGTON — Democrats were thrilled when John Walsh of Montana was appointed to the United States Se ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 2 days ago, 9:50am CDT

Scott Walker In Dead Heat For Re-Election

A new poll shows that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is looking to have a tough re-election bid on his hands after a spring and summer in which he was in the headlines over an investigation involving campaign finance improprieties: Dead heat. That’s what Wisconsin is staring at in the race for governor, with Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke neck-and-neck heading into the November elec ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 2 days ago, 7:44am CDT

Bachmann And Santorum 2016? Dusting Off The GOP Nomination Clown Car

One of the hallmarks of the 2012 Republican Presidential field was the way it seemed to attract what can only be called fringe candidates to an even greater extent than in previous election cycles. There was Herman Cain, a former pizza magnate with no political experience whose claim to fame was a tax plan that boiled down to a simple phrase but made no economic sense whatsoever. From the world of politics, there was Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a wom ...
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