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If Darth Vader built a Batmobile, it would look like the Darthcar

No, your eyes do not deceive you. What you're staring at in utter disbelief is the Darthcar, a full-size Hot Wheels Darth Vader vehicle based on a C5 Ch ...
Full article at: Recombu 17 hours ago, 12:26pm CDT

Nine things you need to know about the BMW X4

The BMW X4 is upon us, but what the hell is it and should you bother buying one? Well, we'll give you the full rundown in our full road test review very shortly, but ...
Full article at: Recombu 18 hours ago, 11:39am CDT

Mercedes C 220 AMG Line review

Lem Bingley finds out how the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class measures up against the competition in his road test review.  The Mercedes C-Class has been a ...
Full article at: Recombu 1 day ago, 12:18pm CDT

Rest in peace paper counterpart driving licence

Bid farewell to the paper driving licence. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will be doing away with the counterpart to the photocard from January 2015 ...
Full article at: Recombu 1 day ago, 9:26am CDT

Tesla Model S hacked by Chinese computer boffins

Remember we reported on a competition that challenged clever people to hack a Tesla Motors Model S? Well, it turns out the all-electric car is no match for one Chi ...
Full article at: Recombu 1 day ago, 8:29am CDT

The 240mph supercar powered by salt water

With fossil fuels running out and becoming increasingly expensive, it is reassuring to know alternatives are being considered. Like the sea, for instance, whic ...
Full article at: Recombu 1 day ago, 7:05am CDT

Watch this man doing donuts in his living room with a Shelby Cobra

Ever wanted to do donuts around a pillar in your living room while your mates record it on a camera phone ? Us neither, but after watching a bloke do exactly that, we'r ...
Full article at: Recombu 2 days ago, 12:38pm CDT

The Nissan Qashqai that accelerates quicker than a McLaren P1

The standard Nissan Qashqai is great for ferrying the kids around, but it's hardly a car you would avoid challenging at the lights. Not all Qashqais are ...
Full article at: Recombu 2 days ago, 12:38pm CDT

Where has the Lego Batman Tumbler been all our lives?

The time to raid your 'rainy day' piggy bank fund is now. Lego has revealed the Batman Tumbler Batmobile as part of its Ultimate Collectors Series range of ...
Full article at: Recombu 2 days ago, 11:34am CDT

Burnouts are cool, until you mash up your Mustang

When you've splashed out on a high performance car, there's infinite temptation to show off your new toy to passers-by in the most extreme way possible -- perhaps by way of a donu ...
Full article at: Recombu 2 days ago, 10:48am CDT

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