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BMW X4 xDrive30d M Sport review

Ben Griffin heads to Berkshire to see whether the BMW X4 is a well-thought out combination of SUV and saloon, or a confused mess, in his road test review. ...
Full article at: Recombu 4 hours ago, 4:21pm CDT

Government to penalise diesels

Cars with a diesel engine could be penalised as part of government plans to reduce air pollution in towns and cities, it has emerged. Proposals being draw ...
Full article at: Recombu 11 hours ago, 9:36am CDT

This Ferrari-designed Cruise train is a mobile luxury hotel

Sweaty passengers, overpriced tickets, running late – the average train journey is a painful experience for many. Unless, of course, you are rich enough to af ...
Full article at: Recombu 12 hours ago, 8:27am CDT

Britain's longest commutes revealed

If you think your commute to work is bad, spare a thought for the three people who regularly drive from Cornwall to Shetland in Scotland – a journey up to 900 miles in length. ...
Full article at: Recombu 14 hours ago, 6:24am CDT

Jaguar XE has a thing for aluminium

Yet more details of the Jaguar XE have been announced. We now know the compact saloon will feature an 'aluminium-intensive lightweight construction' that will help make it th ...
Full article at: Recombu 15 hours ago, 5:29am CDT

Fiat 500L Vans Concept is radical, man

If you think the Fiat 500L is 'off the wall', wait until you see the concept version Vans has up its gnarly sleeves. The 500L Vans Concept was built specifically for the Va ...
Full article at: Recombu 1 day ago, 12:51pm CDT

Motorists urged to stop drinking and driving

Road safety charity Brake has urged drivers to put down their pints this summer as a drink drive enforcement campaign saw one in 15 motorists fail or refuse a sobriety test. Fi ...
Full article at: Recombu 1 day ago, 10:46am CDT

This driveable deck chair is the ultimate summer accessory

There's virtually no point trying to get up early to nab yourself a deck chair – chances are there's a German already sunning himself. But now you can tru ...
Full article at: Recombu 3 days ago, 8:31am CDT

Meet the AMG GT's 503bhp 4.0-litre V8 biturbo

The Mercedes-Benz drip-feed of information for the AMG GT is still, erm, dripping. Only this time we have something juicy to look at in the form of details of the new AMG engine… ...
Full article at: Recombu 4 days ago, 5:42am CDT

If Darth Vader built a Batmobile, it would look like the Darthcar

No, your eyes do not deceive you. What you're staring at in utter disbelief is the Darthcar, a full-size Hot Wheels Darth Vader vehicle based on a C5 Chevy Corvette. Let the complete… ...
Full article at: Recombu 6 days ago, 12:26pm CDT

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