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Make an Italian feast! Rustic grilled margherita pizza, calzone

The grilling queen Robyn Lindars of is heading to Studio 1A on Tuesday to show you how to whip up a tasty Italian meal as part of TODAY's weeklong Fresh Cooks Live: Summer Sizzle series. And don't worry, thanks to the livestream from the TODAY plaza she will be able to demonstrate how to make these meals from start to finish. Tune in at 8:3 ...
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'Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies' trailer lights up the Internet

Love movie trailers? You're riding a great wave these last few days. The "Mockingjay" and "Mad Max" trailers were released over the weekend, and on Monday, the first teaser trailer for the final "Hobbit" movie, "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies," hit the Internet. Teased director Peter Jackson on Faceb ...
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Duchess Kate, Prince William at Commonwealth Games: See their 5 best faces

When it comes to watching sports, the royals certainly don't shy away from showing their emotions. A month after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tensely watched a match at Wimbledon, the two left Prince George at home to spend Monday at the Commonwealth Games ...
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Show me the money! 11 ways to make more cash at your next garage sale

Garage sales are a ton of work, from picking through every room in your house to find things to sell to hauling an endless amount of stuff outside. The reality is that most sellers are lucky to end up with a few hundred bucks. So are those stories of garage sales that net four figures just suburban legend? Not necessar ...
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How germy is your favorite greeting?

Germs can spread easily from one person to another, especially while saying hi. Is your favorite greeting exposing you to lots of extra germs? With the help of our patent pending Germometer, two intrepid NBC News employees search for a ...
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Hot or not? We decide in only 100 milliseconds, research finds

There’s a man across the room with big eyes and a warm smile. In an instant, we decide that not only is he hot, but he also seems approachable — based solely on his looks.We make snap judgments about people all the time, and a new study finds that it takes as little as 100 milliseconds for us to guess what someone’s personality is like based on facial ...
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Fallen Marine's mom receives son's tribute flag: 'My heart is finally healing'

Almost 10 years after her son died in Iraq, Patsy Maciel says he sent her a message — delivered through a very special American flag.Covered in handwritten messages penned by her son's platoon mates, the flag should have made its way to Maciel nearly a decade ago after the 20-year-old Marine was k ...
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Cut your grocery bill in half (without clipping a single coupon!)

Seems we're just not clipping like we used to: In a new ShopSmart survey, 28 percent of supermarket customers said they can't be bothered with coupons, while another 15 percent called coupons a "necessary evil." But how necessary are they really? ShopSmart magazine sent undercover shoppers through grocery store aisles and discovered plenty of other ways to cut your ...
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10 cheap ways to beat the heat with the kids

Summer can be a mixed blessing. On the up side, more sunny days for the kids and lots of outdoor activities. On the down side, uncomfortably hot summer days and pricey indoor activities. To beat the heat, but not your wallet, has come up with a list of 10 low priced or free activities to keep you and the kids ...
Full article at: 19 hours ago, 1:11pm CDT

Katniss returns! New trailer reveals 3 great 'Mockingjay' moments

Thus far, "Hunger Games" fans have learned two things from the first teaser trailers released ahead of "Mockingjay Part 1," the first of two films that will wrap up the franchise: That the Capitol really loves the color white, and that Preside ...
Full article at: 20 hours ago, 11:37am CDT

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