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Total Film

Chris Pratt talks Jurassic World

We were lucky enough to chat to the Guardians of the Galaxy cast, and managed to snaffle some time with Peter Quill himself, Chris Pratt. Not only is he heading up this summer's most fun blockbuster, but he's also at the forefront of cinema's return to Isla Nublar in Jurassic World. So given the opportunity, we quizzed the star on the one thing he's most excited about audiences seeing in the dino-sequel. His ...
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Bruce Campbell to star in Evil Dead TV series?

One of the more leftfield announcements at this year’s Comic-Con came from Sam Raimi, who announced that an Evil Dead TV show is something he is currently working on. The director revealed that he is currently writing the new show with his brother Ted, and original star Bruce Campbell, with the latter now suggesting that he will be making a return in front of the camera. Campbell broke the news in reply to a fan on Twitte ...
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Quentin Tarantino confirms he will direct The Hateful Eight

After seeing his script leaked online, and angrily putting a pause on production, Quentin Tarantino has now confirmed that work on The Hateful Eight is moving forward once more. The news broke at a Comic-Con panel Tarantino was attending over the weekend, during which an audience member asked him straight out whether he would still be directing the film. After a second or two of attempting to skirt the issue, Tarantino finally relented, revealing that, “yeah – we’re going to be doing The Hate ...
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New teaser trailer lands for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1: watch now

A new teaser trailer has arrived online for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1, in which the battle lines between the Capitol and the rebellion are clearly drawn. “No-one else can do this but her,” says Plutarch Heavensbee of Katniss Everdeen, and sure enough, our heroine is going to be in the firing line again as she faces off against President Snow’s regime. Indeed, it looks like she will meet some fea ...
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Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller already considering Sin City 3

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller have been discussing their plans for the Sin City franchise, with a third film apparently already in the pipeline. “Robert and I are already talking about Sin City 3,” said Miller at Comic-Con. “So you'd better show up for number two or they won't pay for it.” And speaking of that second film, there is also a new red-band TV spot to check out, featurin ...
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Fox snaps up Edgar Wright for Grasshopper Jungle adaptation

Edgar Wright is busy filling up his slate in the wake of his Ant-Man departure, with Fox having recruited the director to helm their forthcoming young adult adventure, Grasshopper Jungle. Adapted from the novel by Andrew Smith, the film will follow a classic coming of age story with a sci-fi twist, as its teenage hero finds himself battling the twin foes of adolescence and giant bugs. Indeed, there’s more than a little mirroring between the protago ...
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Comic-Con 2014: Watch the new Mad Max: Fury Road footage online now

Director George Miller was at Comic-Con 2014 to present the world’s first footage from Mad Max: Fury Road. If you couldn’t make it to San Diego, fear not, as the footage has now landed online, and you can watch it below. Miller described the film as a “western on wheels”, and the trailer is a suitably stripped back and lean affair. There’s dust, cars, explosions, and plenty of Tom Hardy brooding charismatically. Plus, you get a couple of brief glimpses of Charl ...
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Comic-Con 2014: 10 Things We Learned From The Marvel Panel

It was the panel that Comic-Con attendees had been waiting for, as Marvel gave an update on their crowded slate, including Ant-Man, Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Get all the key details below: 1. Evangeline Lilly confirmed for Ant-Man (but she hasn't read a script yet) It was one of the worst-kept secrets in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Evangeline Lilly's involvement in Ant-Man was finally officially confirmed by Marvel. And not just that, but he ...
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Comic-Con 2014: Legendary confirms Godzilla 2 monsters and King Kong reboot

Legendary Pictures didn’t reveal any Jurassic World footage during their Comic-Con panel (boo!), but that might be because they’ve got plenty of other monsters on their slate. Gareth Edwards appeared via video message, joking that he’ll be busy with “a small little sci-fi film” (that’ll be his Star Wars spin-off), but he did confirm that he’ll be back to tackle the Godzilla sequel after that. He also introduced a brand new clip of Godzilla roaring ...
Full article at: Total Film 2 days ago, 8:10pm CDT

Comic-Con 2014: First look at Warcraft trailer

Duncan Jones has unveiled the first footage from his much-anticipated Warcraft adaptation. Comic-Con attendees got a brief but enticing look at the fantasy epic, which isn’t due for release until 2016. Even so, the teaser shown looked as polished as the shields and swords that featured in its opening shot of an Alliance armoury. Cue voiceover: “I’ve spent more time protecting my king than my own ...
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