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TV Tonight

Returning: Ripper Street

UK period thriller Ripper Street is back on TEN next week for its second season. These episodes aired in the UK last October after which the show was axed by the BBC. But it was then thrown a lifeline by Amazon for a third season, with Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn still on board. “Pure As The Driven” When a sergeant from K Division is thrown from a window and impaled on the iron fence below, DI Reid’s investigation leads him ...
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US torrents map: Ohio loves Game of Thrones, Utah loves Fargo.

What shows are pirated illegally across the USA? Pretty much the same kind of shows that are illegally downloaded in Australia: Game of Thrones, Fargo, 24, Penny Dreadful, The Big Bang Theory, Californication and more. But this map of the US from Movoto shows which shows are most popular in each state (with apologies to Hawaii and Alaska). Game of Thrones remains the most popular of the titles, in such states as Ohio, North and South Dakota, N ...
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60 Minutes donates $5,000 to charity

60 Minutes has reportedly made a donation of $5000 to Hands Across the Water, the  Australian charity raising money for Thai baby Gammy. It follows Tara Brown’s interview with Wendy and David Farnell last week. But News Corp reports 60 Minutes would have likely made at least $500,000 in advertising revenue for the episode, and the money falls well-short of the kind of fee it would have forked out for a paid high-profile interview. In the lead-up to the inter ...
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At the Movies: Aug 19

This week on At the Movies, Margaret & David review new films for Olivia Colman, Cuba Gooding Jnr. and a new doco from James Cameron. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared – Dynamite expert Allan Karlsson’s life, and the unlikely events following his escape from the old folk’s home on his 100th birthday. Locke – Ivan Locke, a dedicated family man and successful construction manager, receives a phon ...
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TCM remembers Lauren Bacall

While there has been plenty of love for Robin Williams there hasn’t been much programming to remember Lauren Bacall. But TCM, which plays Hollywood classics, will remember her this Friday night with three of her best from 8:30pm. - To Have or Have Not (1944) - Big Sleep (1946) - Key Largo (1948) TCM had also scheduled the documentary special Bacall on Bogart next month, prior to her death. This 1988 doco sees Lauren Bacall hosting a retrospective on ...
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Vale: Caterina de Nave

Former SBS Commissioning Editor Caterina de Nave passed away on the weekend, following a battle with leukemia, aged 67. de Nave joined SBS in 2008 where she commissioned dozens of titles including Better Man, Danger 5, Housos, Legally Brown, A Pang for Brazil, and several Eurovision specials. Prior to SBS she was New Zealand’s TV3 Head of Drama and Comedy, credited with helping to break the glass ceiling for women’s advancement within the NZ indu ...
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Aussies win at Creative Emmy Awards

Two Australians were amongst winners at the Creative Emmy Awards on the weekend. The awards for technical and creative categories lauded Adam Arkapaw as Director of Photography on True Detective. He previously won for Top of the Lake. True Detective‘s Main Title team also won their category, including creative director Patrick Clair. Clair previously worked for Zapruder’s Other Films on Hungry Beast and Can of Worms. The ceremony also hand ...
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Who Do You Think You Are?: Aug 19

This week’s episode of the always-excellent Who Do You Think You Are? features Lisa McCune who discovers some gruesome history in her family tree, as she seeks to learn more about her grandfather and his family. As a teenager Lisa learned that the man she knew as her grandfather was not her dad’s biological father. Her dad, Malcolm, was fostered out as a very young child and his brothers were placed in an orphanage. Lisa’s Dad knows l ...
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Block on top but Nine, Seven tie in network shares.

It’s looking like we’re in for another tight week between two big guns. For the second week in a row, Nine and Seven drew for the win on Sunday night. Both networks tied on 31.4%. But Nine’s primary channel was 24.2% to Seven’s 23.0%, meaning it was the latter’s multichannels that made up the difference. Elsewhere ABC was 17.8%, TEN 14.9% and SBS 4.5%. The Block was the night’s top show matching the 1.5m viewers it received a week ago, which is excellent retenti ...
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Sunday 17 August 2014

Report:  Daily Free-to-Air Share Channels: All Free-to-Air Channels Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure) Demographics: Total People (incl. guests) Day-part: 18:00 – 24:00 Day: Sunday Deliverable: Overnight and Consolidated Channel Overnight Consolidated 17/08/2014 10/08/2014 Network ABC1 13.6% 14.9% Network ABC2 2.9% 2.7% Network ABC3 0.5% 0.5% Network ABC News 24 0.9% 1.1% ...
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