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Jerry Seinfeld Explains Why Salsa Is More Popular than Ketchup

Jerry Seinfeld Performs At Hard Rock Live
In 1992, actor Jason Alexander—in character as George Costanza on the sitcom “Seinfeld”—alerted us to the fact that salsa had overtaken ketchup as the number one condiment in America. Reddit user I_Will_Underwhelm petitioned Jerry Seinfeld for an explanation today during the comedian’s “ ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 14 hours ago, 5:13pm CDT

How Many Mugs Did It Take to Get Miley the Right One?

15th Annual "Days Of Our Lives" Celebrity Basketball Game
“We had four different canisters of sugar, filled an ready to go, but she was pretty smooth on this one,” said Heather Farah, art director for the video, of Miley’s sugar-pouring scene. ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 14 hours ago, 5:03pm CDT

Throwback Thursday: Chocolate Pudding

YouTube On Stage Live From The Kennedy Center
Ever noticed the shocking number of vintage chocolate pudding ads on YouTube? They’re fascinating. ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 15 hours ago, 4:08pm CDT

Eggplant: The Best Thing to Buy, the Best Way to Eat It—Now!

Flora in the Grounds of Osterley Park
Eggplant is what you should be buying in July: it’s meaty and earthy and overall at its b ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 15 hours ago, 3:34pm CDT

What Makes a Perfect Muffuletta?

Celebrity Chef Jeff Mauro And 300 Sandwiches Stepahnie Smith Host The Ultimate Sandwar To Benefit American Cancer Society at Red Stixs
As is true of any beloved regional specialty, the muffuletta inspires fierce debate. Here are a few variations on a classic ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 16 hours ago, 3:16pm CDT

Tequila 101: Blanco, Añejo, and Everything You Need to Know

Press Conference: Cause Of Collision That Claimed The Lives Of Paul Walker & Roger Rodas
You’ve come a long way, tequila. No longer strictly the rallying cry of college kids demanding shots, the by-product of the agave plant is—just like bourbon—a sipping spirit as much as it is a late-night standby.  Here ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 17 hours ago, 2:10pm CDT

How to Make Smoked Ice (Yes, It's a Thing)

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Practice
Yes, smoked ice cubes are a thing. Stay with us. ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 19 hours ago, 11:43am CDT

Eat More Tofu! Here's How

An Indonesian vendor fries a tofu dish i
Eat more tofu! This is how ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 20 hours ago, 11:00am CDT

From Back to Front of House: What It Means to a Chef to Be Up in Your Grill

Daily Life in Belo Horizonte
Spike Mendelsohn serves costumers directly at Good Stuff Eatery. ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 20 hours ago, 10:51am CDT

One Tasty Tabbouleh (Hi, Tomatoes)

Hypermarkets Opened At Zaatari Refugee Camp
Tabbouleh is really all about the veggies. So with plenty of green cabbage, sweet onion, and bite-size tomatoes, you won’t feel too badly about a bit of bulgur wheat scattered throughout. In fact, you’ll feel great about it—it’s a darn goo ...
Full article at: Yahoo! Shine Food 23 hours ago, 8:00am CDT

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