E3 2010: Valve Quickly Quashes Half-Life 3 Rumor

After a flurry of hype from Valve's confirmation yesterday of an "E3 surprise, the man himself, Gabe Newell, has said that it w...

Jun 7 2010, 9:49am CDT

Half-Life 2 shipping November 16th

Vivendi Universal finally announced a release date for the highly anticipated Half-Life 2 video game. We reported about the i...

Oct 20 2004, 12:00am EST

Half-Life 2 available for purchase, but...

The Half-Life 2 Game release is starting to become the most weirdest in history. Now Half-Life 2 fans can buy the Game, but w...

Oct 8 2004, 12:11am EST

Half-Life 2 Release News

Half-Life 2 Release News

When we reported on August 27th that Valve started to pre-load Half-Life 2 over their distribution network steam, I thought the...

Sep 21 2004, 3:58am EST

A preview of Half-Life 2 performance?

A preview of Half-Life 2 performance?

Techreport writes: "AT ABOUT 10PM CENTRAL TIME on Wednesday night, a beta version of Counter-Strike based on the new Source ga...

Aug 20 2004, 2:47am EST

Half-Life 2 Release Date might not be in 2004

We reported in February that the Half-Life 2 release date would be somewhen this Summer. A new release schedule published by...

Jun 3 2004, 10:58am EST

Valve sets Release Date for Half-Life 2

CNN Money has a story about Valve, mentioning that the target summer for the completion of Half-Life 2. As you know Valve got...

Feb 4 2004, 4:00am EST

Half-Life 2 Hacked Release floats around on the Net

On September 28th we reported that Half-life 2 will be delayed. But a week ago the word was still it will come in time for the...

Oct 7 2003, 11:02pm EST

Half-Life 2 Delayed - still expected for Holiday Season

Universal studio announced this week that Half-Life 2 will not be released as planned on September 30th.BR> Valve the maker of...

Sep 28 2003, 8:49am EST

Get Ready For Half-Life 2 - It Will Blow Your Mind

Get Ready For Half-Life 2 - It Will Blow Your Mind

the Sequel to Half Life - The best online first person shooter of all times wins 4! awards at the E3 2003. Developed by priva...

Jun 11 2003, 10:06am EST

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