Pogo Stylus For IPhone 3G Review

Posted: May 12 2009, 12:00am CDT | by , Updated: Aug 10 2010, 9:27am CDT


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The Pogo Stylus is an aluminum stylus with an anodized finish and laser etched graphics. On the tip of the stylus is a special material that allows a stylus to function with a capacitive touch screen. The Pogo Stylus also ships with a clip that will fit the iPhone 3G. You can buy a clip pack that offers a clip for the original iPhone or the iPod touch as well.

In Use
I use the original iPhone and I found that the iPhone 3G clip fit my original iPhone decently. It had a tiny bit of space on the back where the clip curves and the original iPhone is flat. The clip did pop off in my pocket though, so if you use an original iPhone, you should order the clip pack for convenience.

One of the drawbacks of the screen used on the iPhone is that it will only respond to the finger. Using inanimate objects like a pen cap or fingernails will not work on the iPhone. The special black tip of the Pogo Stylus operates the iPhone. Using the Pogo Stylus takes a deliberate press whereas using a finger you can often lightly touch the icon or key you want and the phone responds.

I found after a bit of use with the Pogo Stylus that a harder press was needed, which can make typing with the stylus slower than typing with your fingers. However, typing with the stylus is quite a bit more accurate than typing with a finger.

If you live in a cold environment where you wear gloves in the winter, the Pogo Stylus is a requirement to use the iPhone comfortably. When the stylus is fitted to the side of the phone, it adds roughly half an inch to the width of the iPhone.

I did find that getting the iPhone of my pocket was a bit more difficult with the stylus attached. The stylus often caught on the material inside my pocket and pulled away from the stylus clip. That meant that I had to fight to get the phone out of my pocket and then I had to dig around for the stylus frequently as well. The cause of that issue could be that I was using the iPhone 3G clip that came with the stylus rather than the clip made for the original iPhone. The Pogo Stylus is available in black, silver, gray, and red colors.