Novero TheFirstOne Bluetooth Headset Review

Posted: Sep 16 2009, 12:00am CDT | by , Updated: Aug 10 2010, 9:28am CDT


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Features & Specifications
The Novero TheFirstOne features Bluetooth connectivity and can pair with more than one device. The headset also features dual microphones for noise reduction and DSP technology to filer background noise. The Novero TheFirstOne is also designed to be a sort of fashion accessory with a special clip. Included with the headset is a DC adapter for the car, a necklace, and an AC adapter to charge in the home.

In Use
The Novero TheFirstOne was the easiest headset to pair with my iPhone 3GS that I have used. With my iPhone, I simply turned the Novero TheFirstOne on in pairing mode by holding the button for a few seconds and turned Bluetooth on my phone. The iPhone asked if it was ok that the Novero TheFirstOne paired with it, I clicked yes and the pairing was done. I didn’t even have to enter a pin number.

The Novero TheFirstOne is a short and squat headset that is very attractive and comes packed in an attractive box. My review unit was white and fit comfortably in my ear. The headset ships with an ear clip to help keep it in your ear. I found that the ear clip was required because the earpiece is a bit heavy and gravity pulled it out of my ear a few times without the clip in place.

A bag full of accessories for the headset comes with the device including several tips for the earpiece. With the ear clip in place, the headset stays where you put it with no issues at all. You can run, walk, and climb stairs without worrying that the headset will fall out of your ear.

Call quality is very good with the Novero TheFirstOne. It does a great job removing background noise in a noisy room. For instance, I was able to make a call with a bunch of five-year-old girls in the next room, and the person on the other end didn’t ask me what all the ruckus was because most of the noise was eliminated.

Answering calls is as easy as hitting the button on the front of the device and ending calls is done the same way. The only part I didn’t like about the Novero TheFirstOne was the super sticky tape that is used to hold the headset on the pronged clip that the device ships in. The tape was so sticky that it actually pulled the white back that is beneath the earpiece.