Child Obesity Rate Is Higher In U.S. Than Canada

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Child Obesity Rate Is Higher in U.S. than Canada
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Childhood obesity is 17.5% in United States compared to 13% in Canada, new report reveals

The childhood obesity in United States has increased dramatically over the past few decades. It’s even higher than the neighboring country Canada. 

A new report suggests that 17.5 percent children in US are obese, compared to 13 percent in Canada. In the late 70s, only 5.6 percent child in United States and 5 percent in Canada were obese, report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevent cites. 

Nevertheless, the levels of childhood obesity are still far too high for both the countries and they have done very little to stop the menace among teens and children. 

“Both Canada and United States have seen increases in childhood obesity from 1989 to the beginning of the 21th century and then no recent changes in prevalence.” Cynthia Ogden, the co-author of study said. “Now I am hoping we will have a chance to make comparisons between the dietary and physical factors of the two countries.”

In 200-2004 study period, child obesity was leveled off and only 0.9 percent increase was noticed in that time.

According to the report, the largest gap was observed in 7 to 12 aged US girls and Canada. The US girls of this age have 18.5 percent high obese ratio which is almost double than Canadian girls (8.7 percent).”

Child obesity can be linked to changing eating trends over the past thirty years or so. Teens and children are now more into drinking sugary soda and eating snake food. 

Obese children have a higher risk of elevated blood pressure, stress and cholesterol levels when they become adult. So, more steps are needed to prevent obesity in children, which is now climbed to an unprecedented level.

“Even if we’re flat-lining, it’s at the highest level ever,” said Dr. Mark Tremblay from Children’s Hospital in Eastern Ontario in Ottawa. “The cost is enormous in terms of physical, emotional, mental, social impact, which suggests to me more needs to be done.”

The full study can be viewed here: Prevalance of Obesity among Children and Adolscents in United States and Canada.

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