Buddha-like Statue Spotted On Mars, Is This An Evidence Of Life On The Planet?

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Buddha-like Statue Spotted on Mars, Is this an Evidence of Life on Mars?

The latest 'discovery' supports the theory that life existed on the Red Planet.

Does life exists on Mars? This is an open question and NASA is intensively trying to find its answer.

For many years, alien hunters have claimed to find the evidence of life on the Red Planet. They beamed back a number of images from Mars to Earth and claimed to ‘discover’ mysterious objects as a proof of the existence of extraterrestrial activity on Mars.

Most recently an image containing a Buddha statue is floating around and is said to be found on Mars. According to UFO Sightings Daily, the statue-like thing was discovered this October. In fact, it has been spotted before, but never in such revealing detail. The website says this is a far better view of ‘Stunning Martian God’ which shows ‘a face and head turned to its right, with breasts and a plump stomach, shoulders. Very remarkable details in this photo.”

Is this strange shape another proof of intelligent life on Mars or just a rock formation? The website seems to convince that this Buddha statue is a sign of life on Mars but national space agency NASA does not want to admit it.

“This photo should alone be enough to convince the United Nations that intelligent life once existed on Mars, but NASA does not want anyone to know the truth, because they will be asked to share the info and technology that they have found.” Scott C. Waring, a UFO researcher wrote. 

Other amazing things which have been recently spotted on Red Planet are a floating spoon, pareidolia rats and space crab.

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