Hate Donald Trump? Here Are Some Games To Vent Your Hatred And Anger!

Posted: Jun 24 2016, 8:51am CDT | by , Updated: Jun 24 2016, 8:55am CDT, in News | Latest Political News

Hate Donald Trump? Here are some games to vent your hatred and anger!

The United States presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for November 8, 2016, and will be the 58th U.S. presidential election that happens every four years. Voters select presidential electors who choose a new president and vice president with the agency of Electoral College.

But far before the big event happens, Donald Trump, the presidential candidate has sparked tremendous outrage worldwide. Virtually every sentence out of his mouth has been a exaggerated, insipid or unintentionally funny. Racism is an integral part of his thoughts too. And to counter his identity, people have even resorted to developing apps that malign Trump in a funny way.

The Top Reasons why Trump is one of the most hated presidential nominees ever!

Most people would describe him as egotistical and arrogant who only delves in self-promotion. Analysts presume that his insecurity leads him to feel disrespected if people do not agree to his views. He also tries to project himself as a rich man, with lots of money and power even though he has none.

Here is a maybe-president who lashes out at criticism and behold his twitter feed, he attacks everyone he hates, gets into public spats, insults everyone insulting him, and mostly with incorrect facts. Even Apple and nearly half of the Silicon Valley giants are equally critical of him, owing to his ludicrous claims about restricting immigration while bringing back manufacturing to US. He uses Twitter but is not respectful of the people who built it. His past as a realtor also does not make him a Silicon Valley type of entrepreneur.

Here are some more reasons for people to hate him:

  1. Many people think Trump thinks very highly of himself and is prone to self praise, and hence his exaggerated claims invite more furore owing to their offensive nature.
  2. His public appearances have been laden with racist remarks with respect to African Americans and Hispanics.
  3. He mentions his achievements in life indicating he is worth billions and has been wanted by many women, exaggerating all the time.
  4. His tall claims and non-evidence laden statements irk most people because he cannot back them up with facts.
  5. His inability to control temper has led him to attack people harshly.
  6. His personal attacks on celebrities and important people has added to the hatred.
  7. His hatred of immigrants has alienated Mexicans and other groups.

Vent out the Hatred Through Apps!

Here two great games that you would love being a Trump hater:

1. Get Donald

Get Donald is a funny game that pits you against Donald Trump! The aim of the game involves stopping Donald from reaching White House. The makers (CeeLink Media, LLP + Nimblechapps - The Coolest Mobile Game Development Company) hint that only the gamer can stop the catastrophic event and save the US.

But the user has to be quicker than the character Trump in the game. The billionaire is expected to transform the world, for the worse, unless the gamer blocks him in his path. The gamer has to engage power-ups to build a brick wall that will be erected at the Mexican border not to stop immigrants but Donald instead. With the challenge, you can change course of the election and save the world, this is what the makers say!

The Get Donald game is available in iOS and Android platforms. The game is priced at $0.99 to unlock all features.

2. Punch the Trump