Tesla Model 3: Release, Price, Range And Everything You Need To Know

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Tesla Model 3: Release, Price, Range and Everything You Need to Know
  • Tesla Model 3 2017, Price, Specifications, Details and Latest News

Here are all the latest updates on Tesla Model 3 that you need to know.

Tesla model 3 is the new EV by Tesla. It is the major part of Elon Musk’s plan that is aiming to achieve the zero-emission models of cars. By introducing this one hundred percent electric vehicle Musk is trying to accomplish something that has never been attempted by any other company.

The Tesla Model 3 is all set to release in the later part of year 2017. The company is looking forward to sell an estimated number of 500,000 cars of this model. However this will only happen if Tesla Model 3 becomes a super hit all over the world.

This car is not like any of the other cars offered by Tesla motors. The car is the first plug in EV produced by Tesla that is off to go in the market. It has a high competition with Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class, which are also based on electric terrains.

The Tesla Model 3 is likely to follow the lithium-ion batteries that were once laughed upon by the market of EV.

When is it Releasing?

The Tesla Model 3 is going to be released in the fourth quarter of 2017. However the bookings of the car have already begun. The car of your choice can be booked easily at Tesla by paying $1000. So you will just have to contact Tesla Motors and will have to deposit $1000 if you need to buy one in the future.

A huge number of reservations for the car have been made. It looks like Tesla will have to take time in order to fulfill the high needs of customers. The registration and making of all 500,000 units of Tesla Model 3 are sure to take a lot of time.

The Design of Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 looks like that of a Model S, however it is a little shrunken in size. The front and back end of the car has been carved in order to give it a serene but elegant look. The wheels have been placed in a way that they make the car handling better than most of the models out there in market.

The exterior design is manufactured in such a way that Tesla Model 3 has gotten an interior space that is greater than ever. The customers will be delighted to see so much interior space in an electric vehicle for once.

The car has a low floor pan where the lithium ion batteries will be stored for the car. The floor pan in designed in a way that it has the low center of gravity, along with that it will make more cabin space for the car. The car being free of the hustles of an engine has a lot of space for extra luxuries to fit in the cabin providing an excellent interior space.

The Space of Tesla Model 3

As we have told above the Tesla Model 3 has extra space which makes it a roomy car. It has enough space to make the seat for five adults to sit in a comfortable position. The interior is designed in such a way that it has been kept to minimum. The traditional dashboard and instrument binnacle are not introduced in the model.

There is a 17 inches touchscreen LED in order to control the major functions of the car. These include speed, climate control, and web access and battery information too. It is mounted in landscape manner which is another change that differentiates it from Model S.

The car has a panoramic glass roof that will allow sunlight and an excellent view of outside for the passengers. The interior of Tesla Model 3 is overall big, airy and everything is at your fingertips through the LEC touch screens.

Tesla Model 3 Price

The Model 3 will be available at the cost of $35,000. This price is pretty lower than the other models of Tesla. The booking of Model 3 is still open as you can book it through Tesla Motors official website. You will just have to pay $1000 in order to book one for you. Tesla has already received hundreds of orders of the car.

A few people will get their hands on the new Tesla Model 3 on the day it is released as well. After that the cars will be delivered according to the schedule and numbering of the booking made the customers. It looks like with a heavy demand of this full EV by Tesla and a huge number of orders to deliver, it will take some time to provide each customer with the vehicle of their own.

Specifications of Tesla Model 3

The base model of Tesla Model 3 will be availed at $35,000. While adding features such as better battery with longer mileage and other security features will cost you more. The more added functions will have to be taken by adding more money in the total cost of car.

The base model of Tesla Model 3 will be able to top 0-60 mph in less than six seconds however an updated version will be able to do so in mere four seconds. The added value of money will make the Tesla Model 3 a car like that of a sports car.

It is expected that it will have a top speed of 140mph. it is also supposed to showcase the “Ludicrous mode”. This concept unable the car to go in a drift mode like that of a racing car. So if you need to have the car in a speedy mode, then you will have to put some money in it to get this type.

The base model is supposed to come with 60kWh battery. The added value of money will be able to get you a 90kWh battery that is prone to give much better mileage than the base model.

The Range of Tesla Model 3

The base car of Tesla Model 3 will be able to give its owner a mileage of 215 miles on a single charge. While being driven without traffic ,this range might increase up to 250 miles. The base Model 3 will also feature Tesla’s Supercharger network that makes the car batteries to charge up to 50 percent in only 20 minutes. The company is also offering the option of a Dual Charger Station. This will be provided at the homes of customers where they will be able to charge the car any time they want. This charger will give your car a range of 58 miles for every hour of charge.

The Supercharging connection of the Tesla Model 3 will be available in $2500. It is an upgrade from the base Model S.

The Upgraded Safety Features

Tesla has been highly dedicated to the safety standards for its customers. Despite the car accidents due to its auto-pilot mode, the company has worked more in order to provide safe drive experience for its customers.

Tesla Model 3 is all set to achieve the five star rating just like that of Model S. it will showcase safety features such as latest version of autopilot mode of Tesla, emergency evasive action, parking guide, and the ability to change lanes.

The car is supposed to come with automated drive functions, however the plan is not confirmed yet. The motor maker is though claiming that this model will be 10 times safer than any other car and will be safer than human control too.

Tesla Model 3 Leaked Images

Tesla Model 3 which is regarded as one of the cheapest EVs ever introduced by Tesla is going to be launched soon. The Tesla Model 3 is going to be delivered by the year 2018.

However earlier on, it was anticipated that the car will come out soon. The Asian release of the model is set to be in year 2019. Recently we got our hands on the leaked photos of Model 3 on Reddit which was parked in a showroom.

It was speculated earlier that the car will go in production in the year 2017. Though Elon Musk catered that this production will start soon but no final date was shared by him.

Elon Musk talked in a conference and said that they are off to set the suppliers to get the volume production by the year 2017 on July 1st. Thus we do have a confirmation that it will start production next year, according to Autoworldnews.

The picture that was shared on the Instagram by a user named mike magrath was underlined by a fact that he was not able to fully open the car door due to a pillar at the side. He had taunted Tesla motors for making the doors in such a shape which are not able to fully open.

Tesla Model 3 got late in case of delivery due to the recent accidents that happened due to Tesla’s auto pilot program. One of the accidents caused a death in Florida when his car crashed and he died.

The other one which happened last month took place in China when a Tesla Car fully grazed a car at the edge of road while it was being driven on the auto pilot mode. Thus it looks like Tesla is taking time to make the things perfect before launching the Tesla Model 3.

The Delivery of Tesla Model 3

The records of Tesla motors are showing that a total of 373,000 people have registered for a new Tesla Model 3 after paying $1000 for a model. The company is making sure that 200,000 customers out these will get their cars delivered by the end of year 2017. Tesla motors is trying to deliver around 500,000 cars by the end of 2018. With the huge demand, it looks like Tesla will be able to get so many orders. However it might take some time to fulfill the orders.

Latest News

Recently the Director of Tesla Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla Model 3 base model will not have Supercharging facility. It is done to make sure that the car remains economical for the owners. The cars which will have this option will be the ones which are an upgraded model as compared to the base model.

Tesla Model 3 to Sport Next-Gen 100D Battery Pack: Tesla Model 3 was ordered by 150,000 customers in the first 24 hours. Tesla Model 3 will feature new concepts such as super charging as well. The car’s base price is set to be just $35,000 which is the lowest for any autonomous car. It is also being rumored that this new Tesla 3 is off to get a new generation battery pack which is codenamed 100D. It is said that this new set of batteries will overall improve the performance of Tesla cars.

As the car is approaching its release, we are getting more and more insight in the features of Model 3. We are hoping that with time more new features will be revealed. We are looking forward to a Model 3 final launch in a few months. Let’s see when that happens. This is the most affordable car Tesla has ever come up with. This is the reason that people are getting more and more into buying it too.

It will also become the first widely sold and most sold car by Tesla in the low price range.

Tesla Model 3 EV to be Released in Asia Before North America

Tesla Model 3 production date is revealed. Tesla just confirmed the production date of initial batch of this model. The initial production of Tesla Model 3 will start from July 1, 2017. This means that the customers will be able to receive the first Tesla Model 3 by the end of year 2017.

Many people were skeptic about this date as well. In a recent poll, most of the people agreed on the fact that it looks like first batch of Tesla Model 3 will be released somewhere in the start of year 2018.

It is expected that Tesla Model 3 will start its initial deliveries in North America. This will ensure that North American citizens will be able to put their hands of this new model.

However, it is also being said that Asia might get to see the first the cars if the orders and production matters are completed in Asian region first.

Tesla Model 3 Buyers will have to Wait till 2018

Tesla Model 3 is the most anticipated EV of the next year. Around 400,000 bookings of the car have been made at the Tesla Motors where buyers had paid $1000 in advance to get the car of their dreams.

We have been hearing various rumors about the car from various sources which are claiming the final date of release for the car. Tesla has announced that the deliveries of Tesla Model 3 will start in the year 2017.

But most of the clients will get their cars delivered in the year 2018. The Tesla Model 3 is supposed to be the cheapest and most popular car provided by the company.

The Tesla Model 3 will be available for almost $50,178 for US citizens and for British citizens; it will be available for 30,000 pounds. The buyers of these cars will have to pay a little extra amount of money to pay for the dual motors, supercharger access and autopilot mode which will be available in market.

Tesla Model 3 Delivery Date Delayed Again

Tesla has updated some new information about the model on their official website. According to this new update, the Tesla Model 3 deliveries will be delayed for some time for new customers.

Any customer who will opt for pre booking from now will have to wait for the delivery till the mid of 2018 or even later than that. The pre order page by the company was showing late 2017 as the start date of deliveries for these cars.

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