New Electric Car Releases: Announcements, Premieres And Rumors

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New Electric Car Releases: Announcements, Premieres and Rumors

Here’s everything that you need to know about the upcoming electric cars by all the major brands.

Since the introduction of electric cars by Tesla, each and every other brand is aiming to provide the customers with electric or semi-electric cars. The power terrain is getting famous day by day which is the reason more and more electric cars are being released each year.

We have gathered a list of the new electric cars that you will be seeing for sure in the future.

McLaren Introduces All-Electric Roofless P1

McLaren just introduced a new version of its iconic sports car P1. This car is actually a topless version of the original P1. The car will be able to be driven through pure electric power which will be delivered to it by the batteries.

This McLaren P1 EV however is not suited for everyone as it is a kid sized car and cannot fit an adult person in it. Though it is a kid sized ride, it is pretty similar in to the bigger version in being a cool sibling.

The car has dihedral doors and a central driving position that caters its smaller size. It is available in Volcano yellow color which is combined with the black color making a great contrast on the body.

The speed of this version is lower than the original 273mph and is actually only 3mph. The full speed can be attained under two seconds which is a catch for sure!

The price of an original and full sized P1 starts from $1.5 million however if you can afford it you can certainly afford this small version. The smaller version as released recently will be yours in mere £375 or $487.5. Now that’s affordable, isn’t it?

All Electric Urban E Truck by Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has launched its new fully electric truck in the 2016 International Commercial Vehicle Show. The truck is totally electrical and is aiming to be the commercial transport of the future, according to Carscoops. With a horse power of 339bhp and a lithium ion battery, it will showcase a mileage of 200 kilometers which makes up to 124 miles.

Volkswagen’s e-Crafter

Volkswagen’s e-Crafter is also a new addition in the electric commercial vehicles. It was unveiled recently at Hannover, Germany. It will feature a 100kWh electric motor which will be supported by a 43kWh Lithium Ion battery, according to ElectricVehicleNews. This truck will have the ability to go as far as 200 km on a full charged battery. Along with that it can be charged up to 80 percent in 40 minutes only.

2017 Karma Revero Hybrid Electric Sports Car

2017 Karma Revero Hybrid Electric Sports Car will be considered the comeback car for the company. It is launched both in electric and hybrid mode. The car is going to be a powerful, luxury EV. It will be able to give a range of almost 300 miles.

Volkswagen’s First All Electric Car for 2019

VW has launched a new concept of EV. This car is going to be pretty similar to the VW Golf, but the company is claiming that it will have a wider interior like that of a Passat. The company is also claiming that it will have the ability to provide 310 miles range in a single full charged battery. Along with that it will be able to be charged in 15 minutes only.

New Chevrolet Bolt EV

Starting at the base price of $30,000, this new EV by company is going to set some high standards for customers. It will provide a range of 200 plus miles probably 238 miles to be precise, on the full charged battery. It will support a 60 kWh battery. The car is priced lower than many EVs out there making it one of the affordable new EVs.

Rimac Concept One

The new Rimac Concept One car will be laced with super electric technology. The auto maker is aiming the car to be sporty and really fast in nature too. It will have the ability to top the speed of 0-100 km/h in mere 2.6 seconds which is really fast for any EV that is introduced yet, according to EVNews.

Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla is all set to launch as many EVs per year as they can. They have thousands of pre bookings for the upcoming models too. The Model S P100D is supposed to have the “Ludicrous” mode of Tesla which makes it really special. It has the ability to top the speed of 0-60 mph in mere 2.5 seconds. It will provide a range of 315 miles. The car will be wide enough to carry 5 adults and 2 children.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 EV Concept

The new Mercedes Maybach 6 EV will be a 750bhp EV with an all-wheel drive. With an 80 kWh battery it will have the range of 500 kilometers which make up to 200 miles. It is supposed to be the first ultimate luxury electric car prepared by Mercedes Benz.

Most Anticipated Rumored Electric Cars

Here is the list of the most anticipated rumored cars by every famous brands. Some of the rumors might become true in a few months to come too.

Apple Car

Well everyone knows that Apple is putting loads of efforts in order to invest in multiple fields. One of the main fields of study by the company is none other than EVs. The company is looking forward to build and EV on its own too. The planning’s have subsided once or twice in the past but we have heard that the company is still focusing on keeping the concept alive. Thus we might be able to see a futuristic Apple Electric car soon in the markets.

Apple is currently working on secret code named project “Titan” this is supposed to be about the electric cars. It is being said that this car will be launched by the year 2020, will be a full electric vehicle and will also have great mileage too.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 which is expected to be the cheapest self-driving car is set to for a released date in the third quarter of 2017. However it is also being said that the company won’t be able to deliver the cars by the start of year 2018 due to high demand. The customers might have to wait a little more. These will be able to drive around 250 miles in a single charge and will be available in the starting price of $35,000.

Tesla is booking the pre-orders for this car. You can order and book one for you just by paying $1000 to the company and getting it registered to yourself.

Lamborghini EV

A Lamborghini electric vehicle might be coming on its way. It is being said that the company might be taking help from the sister company Porsche in order to bring about an electric terrain car by the brand. The company known for luxury vehicles will also go for an EV that will be nothing but the epitome of luxury. The rumors suggest that the car will be named Vitola. Well that’s a cool name for an EV. This electric super car is being designed these days. It is said that it will be able to hut 62mph in mere 2.5 seconds.

We might get to see a Lamborghini EV in the year 2020 or so.

BMW 3 Series All Electric Car

The rumor is in the house that Mercedes Benz Series 3 might be introducing an all-electric variant of the car in the near future. The luxury sports sedan series is looking forward to include a luxury EV in the fleet of series 3, according to RoadandTrack. They are doing it in order to compete with the rivals such as Mercedes and Jaguar who are both working on their own luxury EVs to be released in the future. It is being said that the rumored car will have the range of 300 miles and a 90kWh battery.

Ford Model E Electric Vehicle

The new Ford Model E will be available in the form of an electric car, a hybrid and a cross over too. Ford is pitching pretty hard to introduce four new SUVs in the coming two years. It looks like one of those SUVS will be Ford Model E. This EV is supposed to be fuel efficient and technology heavy for the customers, according to Automotive News. The small sized EV is expected to be unveiled somewhere near the year 2019.

Subaru’s All Electric Crossover

Subaru is trying to be in the line of competition by trying its luck with an EV as well in order to maintain a position in auto market. The company is looking forward to introduce an electric crossover by the year 2021. This car is made under the plan of launching the zero emission cars mission which was launched after the emission scandal of parent company VW.

An All Electric Jaguar E-Pace Compact SUV

Rumor has it that we are off to see an all-electric Jaguar SUV in the future. The car might be dubbed as E-Pace however the name is not confirmed yet. It is said that Jaguar Land Rover is off to introduce the first ever EV by the company in the start of year 2018. The car will have a 70kWh battery and will offer a mileage up to 300 miles.

It will have a 114 bhp front motor and around 195bhp rear motor that will provide power to the wheels of car.

Nissan’s A Range Extended Note EV

It is being said that Nissan is off to prepare an affordable EV that everyone will be able to buy. The car will be close to in resemblance with Nissan Leaf. It is also being said that this Leaf like EV will have the base price of just $20,000.

Latest News

Here’s the latest news on the electric cars that we are all looking forward to be launched soon!

Daimler to Showcase 9 EVs

Daimler which is the German parent company of Mercedes Benz is all set to roll out at least 9 electric cars in the near future. The company is looking to achieve this target by providing the cars through brands like Mercedes in order to compete with Tesla and Audi. The company is going to release at least 6 new models by the year 2024, according to Reuters.

Another source has suggested that we might be looking at the hybrid variants of these cars along with the electric mode too. Other than that we might see the use of hydrogen fuel cell in the cars.

Chevy Bolt EV’s Excellent Mileage

The Chevy Bolt EV is all set to impress you. The main thing is that this EV will defiantly impress with you with its high mileage. The car has the ability to deliver full 255 miles while being driven in the city traffic, according to ExtremeTech. Now you can totally imagine the kind of performance it will give in a place where traffic is scarce. The car is now available at a price of $37,495. Its performance is pretty much close to a Tesla Model S 75D but its price is less than the half of Tesla, which makes it an excellent choice.

Ford to Develop Tons of EVs by 2030

Ford is bringing about a fleet of electric vehicles in order to promote the zero emission module of the company. The company is off to prepare a range of full electric cars, plug INS, hybrids in the form of Sedans, pickup trucks and SUVs as well. They are going to make their bestselling models electric in nature making them available for anybody to buy in any variant they like. The company is planning to go with the fleet of cars by the year 2030, according to Gas2.

Volkswagen all Set to Deliver 30 EVs by 2025

After the diesel emission scandal, VW has taken a leaf out of its book for sure. The company is trying to shun the diesel terrain as strongly as possible by focusing on the zero emission technology now. It is the reason that they are rigorously working on the fleet of EVs that will be offered by the company. They are planning to launch 30 electric cars by the year 2025, according to ExtremeTech.

VW is considering to sell 2-3 million EVs by the year 2025.

Sondors Crowdfunding An Affordable Electric Car

The established electric bike makers, Sondors, wants to repeat the success of his eBike but with another electric vehicle. Sandors has announced he is working towards making an electric car.

The electric car by Sandors will only have 3 wheels, which can be quite similar to the Electra Meccanica SOLO which is sold for $15,000. But the electric car by Sandors will be bigger and cheaper with a seating for 3. Sandors is aiming to make an electric car for just $10,000.

Although Sandors has credibility when it comes to providing results and products, building and electric car is completely different from an electric bike.

An electric car manufacturing has a whole different set of problems like regulation and safety requirements. Time will tell if Sandors can prove himself again with his new electric car which is being called ‘Model SONDORS’.

LeEco of China off to Build its own Electric Car

China’s LeEco has raised $1.08 billion in order to build an electric car, according to TechCrunch. LeEco’s raise will certainly help with the building of electric cars which are high in demand in China. They also have a partnership with American company Faraday Future.

Electric Cars are Perfect for 90 Percent of Your Trips

The Electric cars offer a great driving experience, according to CNBC. The only problem faced by its owners is the range that these cars provide. The car has to be taken done from the road when it discharges and it takes a little time to charge it. This can result in anxiety for many customers. However many companies are working hard to produce the cars that will be charged in minimum amount of time.

Volkswagen Electric Car Concept Teaser

Volkswagen showed its latest sketches of the EV concept that they are looking forward to build. The design of this car was revealed in the sketches one week prior the Paris Motor Show.

The illustrations of the car show that it will be a five door hatchback. This car is shown to have a low ground hugging stance. It also showcased a rear roofline. The roofline was shown to extend beyond the tailgate of this electric vehicle.

The car is fully electric so it won’t have any kind of combustion engine in the front. This is the reason that it has a short nose and also don’t support any kind of traditional grille.

The sketches also showed that it has sliding rear doors, excellently style and wide wheels, a glass roof, and so much more. The concept is pretty advanced which is the reason that it might not see the light of production any time in near future.

The production model of this futuristically designed car will be a little different from this one. The car will use the new platform design by Volkswagen which is called Modular Electric Model (MEB). This module can be adapted for cars of various sizes including luxury sedans.

According to VW, it will have a range of almost 250-300 miles and will be fully charged in mere 15 minutes. The company is aiming to release it by 2019.

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