Hypercars: Upcoming Releases And Everything Else You Need To Know

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Hypercars: Upcoming Releases and Everything Else You Need to Know
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A hypercar is a concept of car that is used for the best vehicles out there while using materials like carbon fiber which were not really common a few years back. Super cars are the dream of every car lover however a hyper car is something beyond a super car. There are a few Hypercar that are coming your way in a few months. These will actually define the futuristic cars which are about to come in a few years.

Here is the list of the few upcoming Hypercars that are about to be released in a few months.

$2 Million Koenigsegg Regera is the Ultimate Hypercar of the Year

Koenigsegg Regera will prove a tough competition for McLaren and Ferraris out there. We already knew that Koenigsegg Regara is on its way and we knew that it’s going to be one heck of a hypercar.

However the actual reveal of the car has actually stunned each and every hypercar lover for sure. The Swedish supercar specialist Koenigsegg just unleashed its Regera hybrid for the very first time in North America earlier this year. The new hypercar model has so much more to offer.

The Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 are already known as the Million Dollar Hypercars. Porsche has recently included itself in the lost by manufacturing is 918 as well.

However it looks like Koenigsegg Regara going to give a tough competition to all these bog named cars and also by putting up a great price to its optimum performance.

The literal meaning of Regera is “to reign”, well, it looks like this king of Supercars is here to do exactly what its name is suggesting. Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren all offer their supercars with a range of 217 mph.

However Regera is going to be a lot cooler then these as it will be faster and a hybrid!
The asking price of Koenigsegg Regara is set to be $2 million. It will offer a top speed of 250mph and is absolutely brilliant to look at too! It will have a V8 engine that will be attached to an electric motor.

The car will offer a power of 1,200 bhp which is pretty strong. The car will also feature rear wheel electric motors which will produce a horsepower of 720. The complete output of the car is going to be 1500bhp.

It will have 4.5kwh battery and it will be able to reach 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds only. Koenigsegg also claims that Regera can reach a 250 mph top speed that's limited by the direct drive system.

Mercedes AMG F1 based Hypercar

Mercedes is all set to bring about the first ever Hypercar made by the company. The company is looking forward to make a hypercar that is not only super cool but also electric in nature thus it would be one of the most efficient and cleaner Hypercars made ever.

It was rumored earlier that the Mercedes AMG might not see the light of production for about 3 to 4 years to come. However an inside source in Merc has stated that this project is definitely in progress now. They are building the Merc-AMG F1 car. The team has totally topped the Formula one racing from the year 2014. So this is the peak time when they can actually make progress towards building a new Hypercar.

We all know that Red bull is collaborating with Aston Martin in order to bring about AM-RB 001. Thus a Hypercar by Mercedes-Benz is going to be a great step in any case. AMG will be celebrating its 50 years in the year 2017. The company has announced special cars to celebrate this occasions. Rumor has it that one of these special cars will include a Hypercar from the company.

The new car that is in consideration can be made in to a much better version as compared to the F1 car. It can feature a combustion engine and three electric motors making it a powerful thing on road. This kind of terrain was also shown in the concept pf Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 concept.

It is also being said that this new hypercar from AMG will be a 1,300bhp car. The 1000bhp will be attained from gasoline engine while the extra 300bhp will be gained from the three strong motors which will provide added force. As we know that AM-RB 001 is going to be launched in the year 2018, thus Mercedes might be willing to launch this one in the same year or earlier.

It is being said that AMG Hypercar will look somewhat like the Le Mans prototype and will feature a distinct F1 design overall. It will have a canopy like roof, a short front deck, heavy gullwing doors and a dynamic body making it a true artistic car to look forward too. It is also being said that this car will be able to attain 0-60 mph in mere 2 seconds that will be nothing short of astonishing.

If we talk about the engine, it is going to have a 1.6 liter turbocharged V6 engine that is used in W07 Formula One Racing cars as well. The most important thing that AMG will have to cater will be the transmission and cooling options for a car.

As this car will be a legal on road car which means that will be used daily so will be needing system to cool down. This is something that the racing F1 cars don’t need. Thus the team working on this Hypercar will have to ponder on these facts in order to make it work accordingly as well.

Lamborghini Hypercar

Lamborghini Hypercar is something that you should be looking forward to soon. The big companies like Lamborghini have taken the plunge into building electric vehicles. The best thing is that Lamborghini has decided to spice up things by getting the car to be electric but also a Hypercar.

A new video was released recently by AutoBuild via Mototrend showed that the automaker is working on the Electric Hypercar. The engineers at the firm are making sure that they develop a car that is not only perfect but also great in quality.

The automaker don’t want to compromise on the quality and performance of the car. This model will be pretty much similar to one released in the past but will have a different transmission to cater.

A rumor suggesting that this new car will be built on the properties of J1. This car might showcase a few similar features like that of a Porsche Mission E Concept. This car also is supposed to have a fast charging system.

Along with that it is suggested that this car will have the ability to top 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. This car will be running on electric motors. The car is being considered to be named Vitola.

It is being said that Lamborghini will seek technical assistance from Porsche in order to prepare the car. This car might be available in the market by year 2020. Then there is another concept of Lamborghini Asterion which is supposed to be a hybrid. We will be looking forward to the manufacturing of this car too.

Vitola on the other hand is supposed to be heavy duty electric ar. It is supposed to have a horsepower of 800bhp, which let it have a much better performance than the Aventador SV. SV has the horsepower of 740bhp. Thus Vitola will showcase a much better and higher functioning than this one.

LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari is all determined to bring its own electric hypercar in the market soon too. The company is making sure that it doesn’t stay behind in the race of electric vehicles that are becoming the important part of the auto industry. Along with that Ferrari is also producing an electric LaFerrari Aperta Hypercar.

The car was caught in action beforehand the Paris Motor Show. The car which is considered as the fastest convertible on earth is nothing short of a beauty to look at.

The car has a carbon fiber rood top in place of the fixed rood. It will be called Aperta which means “open” in Italian. Ferrari is shunning the label of “Spider” for this special car, according to Motoring.

The car has a removable roof top. It is being said that it was the only option for the car makers of they wanted it to be really fast. The emergency roof top provided with the car will be able to provide shade and enclosure to the driver if they want to use it.

The car will showcase 6.3 liter engine, a 588kW battery with a V-12 inspired transmission. The car will also showcase a 120kW motor in HY-KERS petrol-electric drive system delivering an output of 108kW.

This LaFerrari Aperta Hypercar is supposed to top the speed pf 100km/h in less than three seconds which makes it a pretty fast car. Along with that it is supposed to reach 200km/h in mere 15 seconds which can be further aggravated till 350km/h.

Zava Prometheus Hypercar

Another Italian company along with Ferrari and Lamborghini is determined to bring about an electric Hypercar these days. The company is calling this car Zava Prometheus Hypercar, which will be able to top the speed of 0-60mph just under 2 seconds, according to TopSpeed.

Well that’s really fast! We know that Ferrari and Lamborghini Electric hyper cars are supposed to be fast, but this Zava is suggesting that it will be faster. However this kind of performance can be rare in case of cars as this kind of performance demands a lot of technical issues to be tackled first.

The Zava Prometheus Hypercar is supposed to be fully electric in nature which will be supported by four electric motors that will provide power to each wheel. It is being reported that it will have a horsepower of 1,341 bhp.

This is yet again a very high figure which has not been achieved yet. We don’t know if Zava which is not a very well versed brand will be able to achieve this figure or not.

This car will have a top speed of 216 mph. with these astonishing hyper car figures, a little is yet known about the Zava Prometheus Hypercar. We are certain for the fact that it is supposed to be a closed cabin and sharp nosed car.

We might see a rear dual spoiler in the car as well. The performance figures like this however state that there are better chances that this car will remain a concept instead of going into production.

Saleen S7 Supercars

Saleen is about to start the production of S7 Supercars whose production had stopped after the year 2006. The company is facing a lot of financial issues but are trying their best to stay in market by pitching new cars every now and then.

The company is claiming that it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary of seven year consecutive champion status in various events. They are off to build seven special S7 cars which will be named S7 LM edition, according to MotorAuthority.

These specially formulated cars will have a 7.0 liter V8 engine that will be fitted to a Twin Turbo model. The car is supposed to have an output of 1000bhp. Saleen was supposed to launch a successor of S7 in 2008 but couldn’t do it du to many reasons.

McLaren P14

McLaren is all set to bring about a replacement of 650S. They are calling it as P14. The new McLaren P14 is supposed to arrive in the tear 2018. The P14 is formulated under the category of company’s plan to launch a new car design each year. This is the reason we will see in having this car in market.

The car is supposed to showcase a 3.8 twin turbo engine and its power will be 641bhp. This kind of output is certainly beyond something the 650S was able to provide. Its successor is definitely going to provide some juice to its owners.

McLaren P14 will be in a close competition with Ferrari. This is the reason that they will have to beat the topping speed of 0-62mph in less than 3.0 seconds which is set by Ferrari. P14 will have to be faster than this f they will need to be on the top of list of fastest Hypercar producing company.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S Hypercar Revealed

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus which is a car company run by Hollywood producer James Glickenhaus, has launched a new hypercar. This new SCG003S hypercar is going to be one of the fastest introduced up till now. Well according to the company this might be the fastest car in the world!

This SCG003S supercar will officially be launched at Geneva Motor Show 2017. After that it will be produced for a limited edition for a few lucky customers. The car’s delivery is expected to start somewhere in the mid of year 2017, according to DriveSpark.

The SCG003S will use the same carbon fiber frame that is being used in the racing car by company. The “S” in the name of SCG003S, denotes the “Stradale” name that is given to it.

It will come with a 4.4 liter twin turbo engine. We are expecting that it will belong to the top line category of BMW M-division V8. It will have the capability to produce an output of 751bhp.

The best thing about this car is that it is supposed to be Super-Fast. It will have the ability to achieve 0-100km/h in under 3 seconds only. This is an astonishing number for sure. It will have the top speed of 350km/h.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is also claiming that SCG003S is going to be the fastest cornering supercar. According to the company officials, it was a dream come true to see their famous racecar to be available as a road car for a common man.

Thus they will try to provide all the facilities that a supercar that is suitable for road can have. The car will be offered in many a number of customization options.

This story may contain affiliate links.


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