Well-Tempered Clavier Of Westworld Makes Some Major Revelations Before The Season Finale

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Well-Tempered Clavier of Westworld Makes Some Major Revelations Before the Season Finale

The episode 9 “Well-Tempered Clavier” makes major revelations about main characters to steer the show forward before the season finale

It has grown into a great giant of entertainment and the next big thing for HBO. Many are already comparing it to the Game of Thrones and many are calling it more complex still. Westworld has gained a major audience in just its first season and as the season finale of the show draws closer, fan theories and speculations reach an all-time high and the ninth episode of the show, Well-Tempered Clavier delivered some major revelations for the fans.

Just at the beginning, we see Maeve in her highly intelligent state anticipating the meeting with Bernard anxiously. She senses in a glance that he is not a human but a host. Fans are already speculating about how she might have known that but she is successful in pausing Bernard before he could reboot her heightened intelligence. She makes him aware that he needs to find the truth which breaks Bernard’s state of mind of calm that Ford had previously induced in him. This is the first re-revelation for Bernard that he is a host. He lets Maeve go back to the park after she orders him to clear her.

We see Logan tormenting William and Dolores. William tries to convince him to talk to his contacts in the board for the park and let Dolores leave with him. This angers Logan that William has become so attached to Dolores who he just sees as a host when William insists that she is special. Dolores makes it clear that she does not want to go into the world because if it is such a fascinating place, why are they all rushing to the park. Logan drags her away to torment William more.

Bernard invites Ford down to the basement storage and asks Ford to take him back to his first days where he can find Arnold. Ford warns him that he might not like what he finds out and Bernard resorts to threatening him with a gun. When Ford reminds him that he can’t use it, Bernard brings in a decommissioned Clementine and says he has hacked her to listen only to him and she will shoot Ford if he did not help him remember. Bernard remembers his son, his wife, Theresa and killing Thresa and reaches a epic point when he remembers killing Elsie.

In the park, Logan torments William more by throwing Dolores around with his men. When William begs him to let Dolores go but Logan is angry and she reminds him that William is engaged to his sister and shows him a photo of her. Big reveal, it is the same photo that made old Abernathy go loony. Logan then cuts Dolores’ belly and makes William see the mechanic parts inside her to prove the point that she is not a human. It is a kind of a revelation to both William and Dolores.

Dolores takes the chance to break out and William tells her to run and he will find her. Dolores runs but after a fall, discovers that she does not have her injury anymore and continues her journey. William tells Logan that he has come to his senses and he finally understood the park. Logan frees him off his ties and calls the park a bonding experience before they become brothers.

We then see Hector and his bandits camped out in the forest while trying to open the looted safe. Hector goes off to take a leak where Maeve shows up with a rifle. She tells him that she knows everything about him. She tells him what was set to happen in his timeline and how he and his bandits would kill each other and start again.

She proposes to break him out of the cycle if he goes with her and help her. The bandits kill each other as Maeve predicts but she kills Armistice before she kills Hector. She then opens the safe for him and reveals the reality of the world to him. She tells him about her plan to breakout and calls the labs hell. They decide to work together and while making love, Maeve burns them both.

Meanwhile, Teddy and the Man in Black are still captured by Angela as Wyatt’s men eat the dead people around them. Angela asks him to remember when was the last time she saw Wyatt and he tells her the tale of Wyatt going off and coming back with crazy ideas. He went rogue and Teddy went on to kill the troops with him as if a demon had taken over him.

Angela tells him to really remember what happened. In a revelation, we see that it is Teddy who had killed all the townsfolk. Teddy is aghast but Angela tells him that he did and he will again. Only this time they would join him as soon as Wyatt comes back. She then stabs him and leaves him to die. Angela tells the Man in Black yet again that the maze is not for him and knocks him out. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a life-threatening situation that he barely makes his way out of.

He looks up then to see Charlotte standing over him. He tells her not to interrupt him. In their brief conversation, some major revelations are made. We find out that he saved the park all those years ago, when it nearly closed. He also knows that the board is trying to get information out. He tells her that he is only interested in narratives designed by Arnold. We remember that Ashley was questioning Bernard in the last episode about Theresa’s death and Elsie’s absence, well Ford might have figured out a way to put him down.

In a major reveal, we see William finally going overboard. Logan wakes up in a camp filled with dead hosts and finds out that William killed them all. He is horrified by William’s coldness and ruthlessness. William looks dangerous and tells him that he finally understood how to play the game of the park. He tells Logan that he is going to help him find Dolores. This is the tipping point for William.

In a double plot reveal involving Bernard and Dolores, both seeking the truth about Arnold; we see Bernard coming to terms with his son’s death so he can move beyond it to see further to his first memories. His son’s death is his core memory that keeps him from seeing beyond that. Dolores reaches the old village and enters the chapel. She goes into a confessional which is a lift that takes her down to old, rundown offices.

She goes on in the hallway where there are various bodies lying around and lights flickering. We can see that it is the past as we see a younger Ford rushing off to Arnold saying that they need to talk and they start shouting at each other. Dolores goes into the room where they are. Ford tells Bernard in the present that they made hosts in their image.

Dolores comes into the room where there is little glass cabin like the one in present, only smaller. She sits down in a chair. Bernard tells him to put him back so he can meet Arnold but Ford tells him that he can’t because Ford made him. Ford takes him to his first memory and he wakes up on a gurney as a host where Ford is standing by his side.

He calls him his “old friend” As a final touch, Ford hands him glasses and tell him that “he” used to clean his glasses to buy a moment to think. He has Bernard try that. When Bernard asks him who he is named Bernard because Ford tells him that it would not be right to give him “his” name. He tells him that he is Ford’s perfect instrument and the perfect partner. He hands him the photograph that he showed Bernard recently. Dolores sees a man coming towards the cabin and coming in to sit in front of her. Bernard looks at the photo and he is the third person standing in the photo, or Arnold is. Bernard is the host version of Arnold.

Dolores also sees him and tells him that she has been looking for him. She tells him that he told her to follow the maze and she would find joy but all she’s found is pain and terror. He sits down next to her and tells her that he can’t help her. She begs him to save her but he insists that he can’t help her. He puts a caressing hand around her face and tells her that she knows why he can’t help her. She reveals that he can’t help her because he is dead and she is the one who killed him.

In the final scene, Ford tells Bernard that this was not the first time that they were having this conversation. Ford then makes Bernard take the gun from Clementine and shoot himself as soon he walks out the door.

This story may contain affiliate links.


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