10 Science Predictions For 2017

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10 Science Predictions for 2017
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  • A Future that Beckons Us: Ten Science Prognostications for 2017

These ten science prognostications for 2017 are such that they belie the fact that it is indeed a thrilling future that beckons us towards it at breakneck speed.

Science and technology are the wave of the future. They will virtually transform our world for the better. While not all science experiments are positive in their aspect and there are failures along the way, science depends upon observation and proceeds via trial and error. When our knowledge base expands, mankind finds new channels that beckon it to an unknown yet hopefully more Utopian future.

The following ten scientific predictions for 2017 that light up our path into exciting futuristic dimensions are not to be taken for granted. They show that we have come very far in our quest for knowledge and wisdom and that mankind will make it through this time of troubles we currently face. We may not have it all figured out just yet but that is no reason to give up in a fatalistic manner…

1. Race for Space

Space is the final frontier. It is something that cannot be ignored as the earth gets overcrowded. Ultimately we will have to shift to other planets and colonize them for humanity to thrive in the solar system and even the rest of the universe. For this to happen a great deal of cooperation and planning is needed.

Such space agencies as Blue Origin, Virgin Atlantic and SpaceX are big names on the horizon. They will make the mare go when 2017 arrives in its full glory. The capabilities of mankind go beyond the limitations. It is all a matter of mind over matter. First it was the moon, then there is the Mars mission which lies ahead and finally there is a universe left to populate and explore in mankind’s journey for fresh vistas to explore.

2. VR and New Simulated Worlds

While objectivity rules in reality, there is also such a thing as subjectivity and it too has its functional basis within the context of reality. Neuroscientists know that while the universe outside is very interesting and worth exploring, the universe within is even more exhilarating and can yield just as many gains for our species.

VR or virtual reality can have a number of applications in the future such as in the fields of entertainment, vicarious experience and experimentation and the provision of a world of choices for those whose mobility is limited due to one reason or another. The 21st century is the century of the mind.

During its time span, the very bases of human behavior and psychology will be tested to the limit so that science improves mental health and cleans up some of the cobwebs and projections that have polluted the psyche of our kind.

3. Gene Expression and Elimination

Genomes will be edited using CRISPR and other methods that will relieve people of diseases and ailments that otherwise have no easy cure. Processing the human genome and mapping its intricacies will give us a plan to know from beforehand what the human animal holds in its blueprint for life as regards the future. Designer babies are just the tip of the iceberg.

Beyond them lies the manipulation of the human organism so as to delete any errors in the genetic code. All hereditary diseases and sicknesses will thus be a thing of the past.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Robots will take up all the donkey work in the future like automation has replaced drudgery today. They will in fact be so complex that some of them will come close to the real thing which is wetware (that is life forms as highly intelligent systems of feedback and cybernetics). The homes of the times to come will be computerized and will have robots doing all the work.

Human beings can lie back and relax. It is the details of the digital age that matter in the end. With a world of AI, things will become easier and more smoother as well. Everything will be plain sailing and even such things as wars, farming and mining for resources will become mechanized in an electronic and silicon-based manner, according to Fortune.

5. Dark Matter Matters

The relentless search for dark matter which forms the majority of the universe is difficult but not impossible. It is invisible yet it could be gauged by the actions it accomplishes in reality. The very entity of dark matter has haunted modern physics. While it is rather like believing in ghosts, there is some reality to it rather than mere anecdotal evidence.

6. Biotechnology and Bionics

The field of bionics (that would be a portmanteau word that combines biology and electronics) will revolutionize the world. The very landscape and mindscape of mankind will change for the better and ultimately no stone will be left unturned when it comes to linking organisms and silicon chips in the manner of cyborgs.

Already there are experiments that remind one of something going on in a sci-fi novel. The really mind-boggling thing is that they are for real and not conjured up by some fantasy-laden brain. With artificial intelligence coming of age, humanity is ready for the fourth wave which goes beyond savagery, civilization and industrial society.

We are actually living in post-industrial times where information and ideas rule the earth. From hardware to software, it sure has been a spiral of ever-ascending epiphenomena.

7. Medicine gets Mature

The health industry will do away with such diseases of civilization as obesity and cancer not to mention heart attack. There will be a healing of any and every ailment in the form of smart pills that will target the disease in a pinpointed manner.

As medicine and its practitioners, the doctors and physicians, become more experienced in the most advanced techniques of surgery and the healing arts, the world will become a place where health will be the real wealth. The focus will be on care rather than cure.

8. The Quantum Leap in Computing

Supercomputers will be the order of the day on the path that lies ahead. They will be able to perform calculations and simulate models that are trillions of times more complex than today’s problems. The answers will arrive before you can even think of why you thought up the question in the first place. Such supercomputers will have quantum mechanics as their base.

The use of such an unpredictable system as the basis of these machines will make chaos theory and the art of expecting the unexpected an agreed-upon fact instead of a rare occurrence. With this firmly in place, all the problems and issues will be fed into these megacomputers and they will have their solutions arrive within milliseconds, according to NBCNews.

9. A Global Economics with a Human Face

Right now economics and the money game have an inhuman and ugly face. With the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer, things are pretty dismal and crazy. Yet the future does not have to be like this. Instead of money getting concentrated in a few hands, the circular economy could create jobs and micromanage the lives of wage laborers so that nothing is left to chance.

This way no one falls through the cracks. The economics and resource generation of the 21st century will hopefully be much more humane and have heart and soul. Saving up some of the non-renewable resources and recycling as well as using alternative energy sources will ensure that everybody gets by easily without any resentment against the system.

Capitalism will come to resemble socialism and so there would be no need for disorder or revolution. If everyone is satisfied, why would anyone want to rebel?

10. Wisdom regarding the Weather

As global warming and climate change become rampant, something will be done fast to stop this downward trend. The lean, green thinking that will merge culture with Nature is the only way to go. When mechanical science merges with natural sources, there will be a second flowering of symbiosis and a pristine environment on this earth.

People like Donald Trump cannot create a single dent in the long run, since the environmentalists will have their way and Mother Nature has a style of correcting industrial man’s rape of the ecosystem. Ultimately, it is in peace and understanding that the cure for today’s malaise must be found. The sort of hyper-masculinity that seeks Nature as something to exploit is something that has to be gotten rid of. In fact, it must be consigned to the dustbin of history.

This story may contain affiliate links.


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