Who Really Killed JFK?

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Who Really Killed JFK?
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The President's death still remains a mystery all these years later.

Last night at the Oscars, JFK's murder was brought into the spotlights during Natalie Portman's highlight reel for her film Jackie.

JFK was shot on November 22, 1963, while in Dallas, Texas. He was sitting in the back of an open-top convertible. According to the "official" history, he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald as he drove by the Texas School Book Depository. He was pronounced dead 30 minutes later.

"Officially" at least, the death of Kennedy has been concluded. There have been many investigations into it, but the primary one, the Warren Commission, established what history knows, that Kennedy was killed by Oswald, a lone player. Three other investigations into it confirmed their assumptions.

Still, there was a 1978-1979 House committee that said that Kennedy's death was the result of a conspiracy. In the early 2010s, that result was rejected by historians and secret service officers who looked over every available piece of information about the shooting.

The assassination is a date that will live in the memories of all who witnessed it - whether in person or on the news - but there has always been a bit of mystery about the events of that day. Since there has been a shroud of secrecy and a bit of confusion, the internet has taken over the discussion and created quite a system of conspiracy theories.

A Magic Bullet

One of the most common discussions about the death of JFK revolves around "The Magic Bullet Theory." This is based on the idea that Oswald fired three bullets, but was able to kill JFK and severely hurt Governor John Connally who had been in front of JFK. Anyone who can do this while the object is in motion is considered a good shot.

The Warren Commission came up with many ideas for just how Oswald did it.

According to 22 November 1963, they said that the bullet entered JFK's upper back and exited by his throat. It then went to strike Connally, breaking his rib and shattering his wrist. It eventually came to rest in his thigh. This doesn't sound possible because the bullet would have lost a significant amount of force once hitting JFK.

We also weren't exactly sure where Oswald was standing, which leads us to the next theory.

The Grassy Knoll

People who were at the scene of the shooting swear that they saw a bullet come from another direction. The motorcade was passing by a grassy knoll on the north side of Elm Street, and newspaper photographs say that after the shooting, police arrested "three tramps" found in a railroad car behind the knoll, according to JFK Murder Solved.

However, they were well-dressed, clean, and many suspect they were hired assassins.

But it gets weirder...

Who Killed JFK?

If, like many people think, Oswald didn't work alone but was rather a trained assassin, who or what was behind it all? Depending who you ask, the list is long. Here are just a few of the suggestions:

Aliens: JFK showed an intense interest in extra-terrestrials. Some facets of the internet believe that aliens were afraid that he would reveal too much too soon and had to get rid of him. It's a long shot, but it's a theory that many people still cling to.

The CIA: Some people have the idea that the CIA had it out for JFK because he said he wanted to pull apart the CIA and make it different agencies. Mary Ferrell highlights E. Howard Hunt, w former CIA operative who has been involved in many high-profile events in history.

Illuminati: While claiming that "the Illuminati did it" is the big thing to do, some people believe that the secretive powerbrokers who run the world may have led to Kennedy's death. He wanted to end the Vietnam War, which many believe was backed by the Illuminati.

Jackie Kennedy: One of the more unlikely people that could have been behind JFK's death? His wife, Jackie Kennedy. By now, his numerous affairs were more than obvious to anyone paying attention and it was known as a source of embarrassment for the First Lady. Could she have hired Oswald? It's unlikely because she easily could have been hit during the event.

The KGB: World Net Daily has a whole article on why the KGB was likely the cause of JFK's assassination. They wanted to get revenge for the humiliation they suffered at the hands of the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Oswald has been called a Communist and even spent time in the USSR prior to the assassination.

Lyndon B. Johnson: According to a few private tapes, like those at Irish Central, Jackie Kennedy didn't believe that foreign governments wanted her husband dead. Instead, she believed that his Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson, was the culprit.

The Mafia: The Kennedy family doesn't have the best luck, and many believe that could be because Robert Kennedy was going after organized crime. Some, like the people at National Geographic, believe it could have been the mafia that offed JFK to show the family that they shouldn't mess with them.

The Man with the Black Umbrella: If you look closely at photos of the day JFK was shot, there is a man standing near the motorcade who is wearing a trench coat and has an umbrella - even though it was sunny that day. He is the only person to have a coat or an umbrella - and he was standing right near where the shots went off. He started to turn the umbrella right before the shot went off, creating what many people thought was a trigger for Oswald.

The Crazy Case of Rafael Cruz

Throughout his presidential campaign, one of the favorite insults of Donald Trump was to connect Senator Ted Cruz and his family to the assassination. The direct connection was to his father. The comments were based on tabloid claims that Cruz had a personal relationship with Oswald in the months before he murdered the President.

Trump used the story to bring down his rival, saying, "I mean, what was he doing – what was he doing with Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?"

While many didn't believe what Trump said and believed it to be campaign fodder, Cruz took deep offense to it. He said: "Now let's be clear: This is nuts. This is not a reasonable position. This is just kooky," Cruz told USA Today. "I guess I should go ahead and admit yes my dad killed JFK, he is secretly Elvis, and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in his backyard."

Still, no matter what, many historians believe that it was Oswald who killed JFK - though whether he worked along is still a long shot. We'll likely never know. Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner who came to watch him get transported to jail.

While the official story is that Ruby was so outraged by what Oswald did that he killed him, many believe that he killed Oswald to keep a darker conspiracy hidden - and so far it has worked.

For more information on conspiracy theories and other examples, please see our Conspiracy Theories Guide.

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