Samsung Galaxy S8: Release Date, Features And Everything You Need To Know

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Release Date, Features and Everything Else You Need to Know

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is critical for Samsung after the Galaxy Note battery debacle of 2016.

Update: The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are official.

The MWC 2017 played host to some of the most amazing smartphones and smart wear. The year hasn’t ended yet, especially considering that one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year is still to be announced.

Yes, we are talking about the pride of Samsung, the Galaxy S8. Samsung faced a major snow storm following the unfortunate incidents with their ex-flagship Galaxy Note 7, which required Galaxy S8 to be a superstar when launched.

A lot rides on the 5.8-inch OLED display smartphone, the primary reason that Samsung delayed its official announcement in MWC 2017 is reported to be because the phone is going through some intensive battery tests and major upgrades.

Galaxy S8 will be featuring Under-screen Fingerprint Scanner:

As if the fingerprint scanner on the back, facial recognition, and iris scanner were not enough to unlock your Galaxy S8, Samsung wanted to fit yet another unlocking option in the upcoming flagship. According to reports, a transparent sheet designed to scan fingerprints was supposed to be placed under Galaxy S8’s screen.

Yes, according to the recent-surfaced reports, Samsung had high stakes running with Synaptics to create a fingerprint sensor which could be placed between the screen. This feature would have made a perfect replacement for the smartphone as Galaxy S8 had the physical home button removed.

According to this report, Samsung’s quality-control and testers were absolutely dismayed by the end-results and Samsung had to pull-out in panic, as we all know that the Korean Company would do anything except opening a door to the Note 7-debacle. That also explains why the current regular fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S8 is placed in an unusual spot. (Along the side of the main camera).

An Amethyst color theme has been spotted:

Original expected color themes to go with the upcoming flagship were expected. Along these colors were some rumors regarding a new “violet” color theme to be introduced. The Submarino, a Brazil-based online store, just created a poll, asking the participants to vote for their favorite color, the choices offered Amethyst color along with the regular black and silver.

The highly-priced flagship of Samsung is the first one in the Galaxy S-series to be offered in this unique color. Samsung experimented with new colors often, a few live images of a Galaxy S4 prototype in Purple Mirage color theme were also seen. Though Samsung has never offered such a color theme with any of its launched models in any iteration of Samsung Galaxy S-series.

Reimagined Design:

Samsung has often heard critics quoting their Galaxy S series as “same design with a larger scaling”, this quote will become extinct once the Galaxy S8 marches into the markets. Unlike previous Galaxy S series phones and iPhone, Galaxy S8’s design is completely reimagined and will definitely surprise the world with its sleek, edge-to-edge, magnificent design, which will be followed by an arsenal of latest features. Rumors followed all over the social media about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 design but a visual reference was only provided by Evan Blass.

The extremely reliable source tweeted the rumored official 3D render of the upcoming smartphone. That render surprised everyone, and that started an unimagined excitement around the smartphone, spawning hundreds of rumors, leaks, and official reports. Samsung bids farewell to the “Samsung” logo on top, and the pill-shaped home button at the bottom.

The top bezel is squashed with several sensors along with the front-cam. The new “edge-to-edge” display is extremely large when compared with the frame of the device. Very minimal bezels remain at the bottom and the top, the top one is fitted with front-cam and sensors while the bottom-one is empty. Expect to see the fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone, there was simply no space left in the front!

Featuring the display panel with two edges:

Samsung Galaxy S8’s competitor, LG G6, raced the Galaxy S8 in getting the best display screen and got trumped by their opponent. Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones are known to pack the best display screens with unusually practical display resolutions, and Galaxy S8 is no exception to Samsung’s tradition. The Galaxy S8 is reported to be sporting a Super AMOLED display with the “traditional-in-Samsung’s flagships” display resolution, 1,440 x 2,560, Quad HD+.

According to reliable sources, the display panel in Galaxy S8 is optimized to consume lesser battery power. What’s new is that Samsung has reportedly switched its subpixel arrangement format from Diamond PenTile to Standard RGB stripe format. The switch will increase the subpixel count from 7.3 million to around 11 million, which would provide a superb experience in VR applications. Samsung has most likely adopted the rounded corners style of the display screen featured in LG G6.

Leaked 3D renders showed this styling format along with all the leaked live images. But the news was made concrete when Evan Blass tweeted the spec-sheet of Galaxy S8 and S8+, which specifically mentioned the size of the display as a rectangle, and rounded-corner-to-rounded-corner. Galaxy S8’s display is 5.8 inches if measured as a full rectangle and 5.6 inches if measured from the original rounded corners. The same measurements for Galaxy S8+ are 6.2 inches / 6.1 inches.


Dual-camera feature may be hot and exciting for most smartphone companies but a tech giant like Samsung can’t hinder easily, especially when it is confident with their own single-camera. Samsung hasn’t changed much on the camera side in comparison with the Galaxy S7, the same 12MP dual pixel camera will be present on the back of Samsung Galaxy S8 duo. Don’t be disappointed by that news though, there is a smart reason behind the unchanged camera setup of Galaxy S8.

The Guardian reported that Samsung has been busy in developing advanced software upgrades to improve the camera result of Galaxy S8, expect a completely augmented image processing mechanism. Improved low-light imaging, better image quality, and increased shutter speed is on top of the list. iPhone taught us the lesson that the quality of a camera doesn’t always depend upon who got more MPs, let’s wait and see if Samsung can prove that right. The front camera however, is a total Rockstar for selfie shenanigans out there.

Galaxy S8 will feature an 8MP front camera, 3MP addition if compared to the front camera of Galaxy S8! That’s not all, Samsung has understood the value of image processing and is reported to have upgraded the selfie-cam software of Galaxy S8 to snap better selfies than ever.

Power House:

Samsung chooses only the latest chipsets for its flagships, but this year Samsung took the word “Competition” to another level. Qualcomm launched their latest SnapDragon 835 chipsets this January and still, none of the smartphones released in MWC 2017 had the SD835 listed as their chipset. Why, you ask? Simple, Samsung literally bought the whole batch of SD835 chipsets that were available for sale on its launch, leaving absolutely nothing behind for its competitors. Even the LG G6 is going to make-do with the previous SD820 chipset.

Note that SD835 may not be a huge improvement in terms of new features, but the chipset is a massive upgrade in technical fields like power consumption, image processing speed, augmented connectivity, closer to 4K display, and quick-charging. Since the news of no physical home button in the Galaxy S8, it was speculated that the fingerprint scanner will now be placed in the back. The speculations were true, but Samsung’s move was something that even the best analysts couldn’t workout.

According to reports, the “rectangular” fingerprint scanner is placed beside the main camera instead of being placed in the center as a circle below the main camera. Don’t worry, if you think it will be awfully hard for you to land your finger on the scanner instead of the camera, Samsung has other solutions for you. Galaxy S8 will have an iris scanner, which was first introduced in Note 7. If that doesn’t fill your needs, a highly accurate and speedy facial recognition option will allow you to unlock your phone in 0.01 seconds just by looking at it. There have been a few rumors suggesting that the home button is placed at the back, but due to many credible reasons, it seems to be improbable that Samsung would adopt a signature of their opponent.

For those who were terrorized by the “no audio jack in Galaxy S8” news, you guys can take a sigh of relief. There has been no official report suggesting such a move by Samsung. Also, leaked live images and 3D renders of the smartphone have an audio jack present next to the Type-C USB port on the bottom-edge of the device. It might be possible that Samsung once considered the change, but the end result clearly shows that the 3.5mm jack stays. Another good news is that AKG Acoustics will tune the audio presets of Galaxy S8. AKG Acoustics were behind the roof-blowing speakers that were such a hit in Galaxy Tab S3. MWC 2017 brought another news that the earphones present in the upcoming smartphone’s packaging will also be manufactured by AKG Acoustics.

Release date details and pricing speculations:

Samsung, along with a short teaser of Galaxy S8, dropped the news that Galaxy S8 will be announced on 29th of March in an event in New York. Information released by reliable sources suggested that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available for pre-order from 10th of April while shipments will start on 21st of April. Evan Blass provided an update with a rumor suggesting that the official date of initiating shipments has been pushed forward by a week, making 28th of April the official date of shipment initiation. This prolonged timeframe from announcement to official release matches with Samsung’s habit.

The manufacturer were unclear on pricing structure of their upcoming flagship duo, so we have to rely on rumors and analysts’ reports for now. A pretty gullible report was offered by Goldman Sachs, suggesting that a 15-20 percent increase in raw material has been witnessed since the Galaxy S7. According to that information, Galaxy S8 might surpass the price tag range of $800 at launch. Though a silent increment of $20 in iPhone 7 Plus was made by Apple, which could also be the case in Galaxy S8. Nothing is sure for now, we can only wait for the cards to show on the table.

Galaxy S8 featuring Exynos 8895 is better in performance compared to SnapDragon 835 by Qualcomm:

Although the primary chipset used in almost all of the Samsung Galaxy S8 units is Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 835, but there will be an edition of the flagship which will be offered with an Exynos 8895 chipset in selected markets. GeekBench was able to get their hands on an SM-G995F handset (highly probable to be the Exynos variant of Galaxy S8+) and benchmarked the device.

A Galaxy S8 variant with SD835 achieved a high score of 1929 in single-core processing while the device was rated at 6084 points in multiple-core processing power. Samsung’s Exynos 8895 dusted the SnapDragon and Kirin 960 (powering Huawei’s Mate 9) with an amazing score set of 1978 in single-core processing power and 6375 in terms of multi-thread processing power.

Samsung’s Exynos 8995 in multiple variants:

Reports surfacing lately talk frequently about a flexible option for smartphone manufacturers when talking about the Exynos 8995. According to these reports, the highest-rated variant of Samsung’s Exynos 8995 will feature four performance cores at 2.5 GHZ (M2 Cores according to the Geekbench results), while two cores will be dedicated to Graphical Processing. The latter cores are said to be tweaked at an even higher clock speed.

Galaxy S8 will launch in April according to a leaked poster:

Samsung may have told us the date of announcement of Galaxy S8 but the manufacturer uttered no word on the exact time when the Galaxy S8 will be shipped to the market. High expectations stand on 21st or 28th of April, which were of course judged by rumors. The rumors are now further solidified with this new leak of a poster for the upcoming flagship of Samsung.

The poster isn’t quite full of content. A Samsung logo on the top right corner, the famous representation of Galaxy S8 as seen on the signup page of the device also. Below that, is written, “COMING SOON”, after that, “Galaxy”, and after that is a date stamp of 2017-4, which confirms the rumors that surfaced earlier.

Samsung Galaxy S8 duo’s Pricing Announced, Along With A Violet Model:

Roland Quandt has been quite a trustworthy source when it comes to authenticity of his leaks. Quandt gained attention of all the spotlights when he tweeted today about the pricing of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, the upcoming flagship models of Samsung due to be released this March on the 29th. According to Roland’s tweet, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be priced at $845, while the price tag on the Galaxy S8+ will be of $950.

Roland Quandt also mentioned that the leaked information was from a European retailer, meaning that the pricing may be a bit different depending on the region of sale. Along with the pricing details, Quandt dropped the news that the upcoming flagship duo for Samsung will also be available in violet. A violet colored Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has never existed before, so we all would want to know how it will look like.

Check out Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner in this unofficial short video:

Samsung S8 is sitting on the top of “the most hyped upcoming stuff” list, thanks to which, we can often provide more frequent and authentic updates extracted from reliable resources’ reports. This short video just surfaced which demonstrates the working of a Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner. You already know that Samsung intended to place the fingerprint scanner on the screen using an under-screen sensor but the results of the prototypes were excruciating so Samsung had to scrub the project and placed the scanner at the back, beside the camera.

Well, the unusual placement of a fingerprint scanner met with a lot of doubtful comments and dislikes. This video demonstration seems like an attempt to provide a visual reference of how the smartphone will unlock using the fingerprint scanner. One more weird thing about the unlock sequence is the white square in the center. That white square seems to be very familiar from another smartphone, have a look.

You can check out the video Here.

Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders are expected to initiate in Europe on March 29th:

South Korea will see pre-orders of their own-made product Galaxy S8 on 7th of April, while reports suggest that Europe will be able to pre-order a Galaxy S8 or S8+ from 29th of March, the launch day of Samsung’s flagships. The report from where this information is extracted specifically mentioned that pre-orders for Galaxy S8 and S8+ will go live on the very night of the Launch day of mentioned devices.

The report held no information on when will the devices be shipped. Also to note is that no incentives will be offered to those who pre-order, but this could vary from region to region. The report has also confirmed the previously rumored price tags of €799 (for Galaxy S8) and €899 (for Galaxy S8+).

Galaxy S8 duo can be more expensive than expected originally:

Bad news, we just discovered a rumor suggesting that the Galaxy S8 duo may be more expensive than the earlier rumors have been suggesting. The €799 and €899 price tags for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + respectively might be a bit too much in our view, but these prices will go even higher in at least some regions in the world. Generally, the countries inside the European territory should be served with same price tag all around. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The prices of the Galaxy S8 duo are rumored to vary in as much as each country, regardless of its location.

Few instances of these price variations are Italy, where the Galaxy S8 will go for €829 while the plus sized galaxy S8+ will be sold for €929. The models will be available in black, silver and an Orchid Grey color theme during the time of its launch, there may or may not be new colors for the smartphones in the future. The report has been received from an Italian source, and does not hold any degree of accuracy on authenticity of this rumor. So there might be a high chance that this is just a hoax.

Coral Blue Galaxy S8 spotted:

A very recent report just confirmed the rumors which were once discarded as fake. Earlier rumors suggested that Samsung will be introducing a coral blue colored version of the Galaxy S8. The pictures posted by these rumors were actually colored by editors. According to the official press renders, the bezels of all three colors, Black Sky, Orchid Grey, and the Arctic silver were black. The latest outbreak in the matter just revealed 3D renders of a Galaxy S8 which showed Coral Blue colored body from the edges.

The coral blue colored seen in these images matched with the ones that were seen in the previous rumored which were considered fake. The funny fact which further confirms the authenticity of this rumor is that the mobile has a background wallpaper of an underwater photo of a coral reef. We also remember how Note 7 was widely popular because of the new color scheme with which it was being sold, the Coral Blue.


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