24 Hottest Holiday Toys Of 2019

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24 Hottest Holiday Toys of 2019

Here are all the best toys to help you get that best parent award this Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still stuck thinking about which present to gift to the little ones this holiday, we’re here to help with a carefully curated guide into the best wished-for holiday toys by kids this year.

If you’re planning to go out and do your Christmas shopping at your local store, you might run the risk of seeing the item that you’ve been looking to buy out of stock.

The best way to shop for gifts this holiday season is by doing it online. Not only will you be able to shop at the comforts of your own home, but comparing items and checking for the best deals from different retailers is easier when you can do it without rushing.

Here are all the best toys that you can order online and get delivered straight to your home. Prepare to see those happy faces by the Christmas tree when Christmas day comes.


1. JIMU ROBOT Mythical Series: Firebot Kit - $90.98 (Save 30%)

Kids from age 8 and up can code the dragon-looking Firebot robot via the JIMU Robot app that's available on iOS and Android devices. The app features step-by-step, 3D and 360° instructions to help kids build all 606 pieces together. The pieces include two different sets of wings for customization. Users can program the Firebot's LED snout to glow red or blue.

2. Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit - $29.99 (Save 36%)

Like all the other coding kits from Kano, this Frozen-themed kit will teach kids and teens the basics of coding in preparation for their chosen career in the future. In the era of artificial intelligence and automation, there's a growing need for talents with knowledge on coding, so toys that enhance programming skills like Kano's collections offer a launching pad for kids and teens' interest in coding. The Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit will let users code by following step-by-step guides shown on an instruction book. They'll be able to connect parts and learn how sensors work in order to get the system to work.

3. Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit - $29.99 (Save 63%)

The Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit will teach kids and teens the basics of coding and the ways of The Force. Through the dedicated Kano app, users will be able to code their galaxy via the build-it-yourself Bluetooth connected motion sensor. It also comes with sensors and light for that magical experience that makes you feel like the master of the galaxy.

4. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Gemstone Dig Kit - $19.99

Teach your kids how to excavate like a true archaeologist. This gemstone dig kit from National Geographic includes 15 real gemstones that are yet to be uncovered, including pyrite, amethyst, tiger's eye, fluorite, quartz, obsidian, Aventurine and more. Every purchase also comes with a dig brick, chisel, brush and magnifying glass to keep kids digging for hours.

5. AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit - $39.99 (Save 27%)

This beginner compound microscope provides high magnification for educational applications. It is made with a metal body, plastic sides and comes with a LED light and a carrying box.

6. Really RAD Robots Turbo Bot - $39.88 (Save 20%)

Turbo Bot is made by Really RAD Robots. It is designed for speed and tricks, plus it can either be controlled by a full function remote control or by voice. Turbo Bot understands 5 unique phrases. Users can tell Turbo Bot to “spin,” “dance,” or “explore” or even tell a joke. When “exploring,” the robot is able to avoid obstacles when it feels bumps. Another great feature of this incredible robot is its recording function. You can record a voice message and play it back to trick, prank and surprise your friends. If you’re sneaky, you can even use its record function to spy on someone and record their conversation.


1. L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco Chalet Doll House - $189.99 (Save 24%)

The Winter Disco Chalet is a multi-story chalet-style house with 6 rooms and 3 stories, all made of wood. Kids can gather up all their L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, pets and other collectibles inside this fun winter vacation house that includes a chimney that snows, real ice skating rink, hot tub, working ski lift, 15ft of lights to decorate and more. The Winter Disco Chalet even comes with a snow bus that transports all of the L.O.L. Surprise! B.B.s to the Chalet.

2. Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls - $39.95 (Save 27%)

These one-of-a-kind dolls offer a burst of rainbow surprise. They stand 14" tall and are the epitome of fashion with their cool outfits and long brushable hair. You can choose from either Rainbow Dream or Pixie Rose or the other pack, which surprises you with either Amethyst Rae or Blue Skye inside.

3. BTS Mattel fashion dolls - $8.47 - $14.36 (Save up to 35%)

BTS fans, more commonly known as A.R.M.Y, can finally get their hands on dolls depicting their idols as Mattel, the maker of Barbie dolls, launched its own line of BTS dolls. At just $19.99 each, you can buy your own Jung Kook, Jin, V, RM, j-hope, SUGA and Jimin doll. As an added bonus, Mattel has also launched a BTS-themed UNO card deck.

4. Barbie DreamHouse - $153.99 (Save 23%)

This Mattel Barbie Dreamhouse will be the envy of all the other kids in your neighborhood as it is extremely big compared to all the other regular dollhouses. It features three stories, eight rooms that include a carport (car not included), a home office, a working elevator that fits four dolls, a pool that has a slide descending from the story above (can be filled with water), five pieces of transforming furniture, lights, sounds and more than 60 additional accessories!

5. Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset Inspired by The Frozen 2 Movie, 5'. Tall with Lights, Moving Balcony, & 7 Rooms with Accessories

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This Arendelle Castle fashion doll playset is 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide and features a colorful light show inspired by the Northern Lights.

6. L.O.L. Surprise! Glitter Globe dolls - $10.88

With the Glitter Globes, you can unbox as much as eight glitter surprises including the doll itself, a secret message, a bubble pacifier, a bottle, an accessory, an outfit, shoes, and glitter hair! The globe where all the surprises are enclosed makes for a wonderful toy as well. Just pour water to the ball and it instantly becomes a colorful, sparkly snow globe and display case. Stack all of them together to create your very own snowman.


1. Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs Plush Mystery Electronic Rescue Pet - Real Rescue - $29.82 (Save 25%)

Welcome these cute and cuddly pets into your home. They offer a fun unboxing experience as soon as you receive them. The Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs are a collection of plush pets that you can take home to rescue. You can either take home a cat or a dog to adopt. The fun starts when you open the packaging. You can wash all these adorable little pets, dry them and groom them to reveal if they’re a cat or a dog. You can even find rare triplets when you buy a family pack.

2. Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant - $50.99 (Save 34%)

With Juno, it’s as if you’re adopting a real elephant. When she comes home for the very first time, Juno tends to be a bit shy and hide behind her ears. But as you play with her, Juno will start to be comfortable with you and she’ll soon giggle, make cute sounds and swing her trunk around. Juno’s biggest feature is her interactive trunk that moves and responds to your touch. Aside from that, she lets out over 150 sounds! You can hear her make cute little trumpet noises and other sounds as she eats her peanut play games, interact with her toy mouse, give you a kiss, and more.

3. Pets Alive Boppi The Booty Shaking Llama by ZURU - from $14.99

The ultra rare purple Boppi is exclusively available on Walmart.com. However, it’s close to running out of stock because of the strong demand ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Boppi will surely be a hit this Christmas. She was unveiled, along with all the other ZURU Pets Alive toys, during the New York Toy Fair in February. Following Boppi’s debut, she instantly made waves across the toy world.

4. Hatchimals WOW Llalacorn - $49.99 (Save 17%)

The Hatchimals WOW Llalacorn will take hatching games to the next level. Kids can experience hatching the Hatchimals egg and be greeted by a Llalacorn. Their neck can magically grow up to 32-inches tall or shrink down on its own. Every time you hatch the egg in only about five minutes, Llalacorn will wake up in one of 10 surprise moods. Kids can cuddle them, feed them, play games with them or tickle them. To hatch an egg, simply tilt the egg back and forth. Your Llalacorn is ready to hatch when you see their rainbow eyes through the shell. Llalacorn will grow taller until she pushes the top of the egg singing "Hatchy Birthday!"

5. Rescue Runts Series 2 - $17.66 - $$19.99 (Save up to 12%)

Rescue Runts Series 2 now features five pets that you can collect: Husky Dog, Pomeranian Dog, Snowball Cat, Tabby Cat and Yorkie Dog. Previously, the initial series only featured four characters to collect. The Rescue Runts are the perfect plush toys to help teach your kids the valuable lesson of rescuing an animal. They are adoptable pets that kids can rescue, groom and love. Every purchase comes with a grooming kit to pick out fleas, clean their paws, wipe their tears and brush their fur. They also come with bandages and band aids.

6. Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend Interactive Plush Toy - $38.99

Collect the Aqua and Snow Rizmos, as well as their sister Berry. They all play 7 fun games and they change their eye color according to which game they are playing. All Rizmos evolve from an adorable baby to a playful kid and then to fully grown Rizmo. Get your kids to take care of their baby Rizmo until these adorable creatures grow up. As a baby, a Rizmo has five evolving play modes. You get to unlock two more fun games when the Rizmo evolves to its final form.


1. Owleez, Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights & Sounds - $35.00 (Save 10%)

This toy owl teaches kids valuable lessons, especially with nurturing animals. This interactive pet lets kids rescue the bird, take care of them and even teach them to fly. The Owleez respond to touch, movement and care. They let out a cute little "wee!" sound when they finally learn how to flap their wings. You can pet them, tickle them, make them dance and feed them with berries that come with every purchase.

2. Fart Ninja (4 Pack) - $22.47 (Save 10%)

The new Fart Ninjas from the Funrise toy company are “Silent, Butt Deadly.” Each 3. 5" Fart Ninja has 10 realistic fart sounds. They are motion activated, triggering a surprise fart on an unsuspecting target. You can download the free Fart Ninja app that has a photo booth, a fart mixer to create your own custom fart mixes using augmented reality.

3. Buttheads Interactive Farting Figurines by WowWee - $7.54 - $9.99 (Save up to 25%)

WowWeee’s lineup of Buttheads farting figurines are set to bring the ghastliest experience to anyone you choose to prank. All Buttheads characters make more than 20 realistic farting sounds! Each one comes with its own signature fart sound. Just pull their finger to hear those gross farting noises. They also come with a smelly trading card so you can challenge your friends to a fart battle with other Buttheads figurines. You can also play sneaky pranks on anyone. Simply set the timer, plant your Butthead and prank your friends and families as it makes a farting sound.

4. Jenga: Fortnite Edition - $15.99 (Save 20%)

The Jenga: Fortnite Edition is a regular Jenga game with a Fortnite twist. It’s inspired by the popular Fortnite video game that has also amassed a massive following. With Jenga: Fortnite Edition, players will have to spin the spinner and follow the commands such as the number and type of blocks to stack, and how many layers their Fortnite character must climb. Players will have to move their own pegs up and their opponents' pegs down as they remove and stack blocks. The goal is to be the first player to insert their Fortnite character peg into one of the top holes in the tower.

5. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Neon Nightglow 12 Pack Egg Carton - $19.99

You can only find the Neon Nightglow Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 12 Pack Egg Carton on Amazon.com because it’s an Amazon Exclusive. Each purchase comes with 12 adorable cuties from the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles season 4 collection. Place them on a light to see them shine bright! Even the egg carton is a fun playset as it comes with a starry lid and a base filled with 12-molded nests. Kids can keep all of their CollEGGtibles inside the egg carton and take them away wherever they want to play.

6. Dreamworks Dragons, Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon - $48.88 (Save 19%)

This new Toothless Hatching Dragon toy offers a cool way to reveal the dragon that awaits inside its shell. The very essence of training your own dragon is by seeing it hatch for the first time. To hatch Toothless, simply rock the shell to make him growl. You can see his eyes light up. Tap to hear him tap back and clap to see and hear him respond. When Toothless is finally out of his shell, you can teach him how to fly and plasma blast. Guide him as he learns how to fly and witness his wings and ears move. To charge his plasma blast, just hold his belly and release to see his mouth glow. You can also feed him the fish that comes with the package whenever he’s hungry.

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