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Windows Phone 7 Phones are on Sale!
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Windows Phone 7
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The Windows Phones
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Windows Phone 7 has been officially launched by Microsft. The first Windows Phones from LG, HTC, Samsung and Dell will go on sale starting Oct. 21st in Europe. The first Windows Phone 7 phone in the United States is the Samsung Focus from AT&T. The Samsung Focus goes on sale on November 8th. Microsoft is coming back to the mobile phone scene with a brand new operating system and ten Windows Phone 7 phones.
Microsoft highlights the "smart design", unique home screen of Windows Phone 7, the Zune integration and Xbox Live integration. The Windows Phone 7 user interface is focused on actions and less about apps. Find all specifications, features and details about the new Windows Phone 7 devices here. The Windows Phone 7 Hub on I4U News is also featuring the best deals for Windows Phone 7 as soon as they become available. There already unlocked Windows Phone 7 phones available.