Thermaltake Lanbox PC Chassis Review

Posted: Aug 17 2007, 12:00am CDT | by , Updated: Aug 10 2010, 9:13am CDT , in Computer Hardware

Thermaltake Lanbox PC Chassis Review


Features & Specifications
The Thermaltake Lanbox is a modular chassis that allows all components to be removed from the chassis for installation. You can buy the chassis with an aluminum handle for easier transport or without for a smaller design. The front panel of the chassis is made from extruded aluminum with a brushed design.

The case only supports Micro ATX and mini ITX form factor mainboards, so your dreams of throwing your 680i and SLI 8800 Ultras inside the diminutive Lanbox are dashed. Power for the system is provided by a standard ATX power supply, which is not included.

The Thermaltake Lanbox is well designed and looks very cool with vented windows on each side allowing you to see your components inside the case. Dual 60mm rear fans are included and there is a spot for an optional 60mm exhaust fan as well. A front 90mm fan is standard. Ventilation hole son top of the Lanbox are situated over the PSU to allow cool air to get to it. On the front panel of the Thermaltake Lanbox you will find a pair of USB ports, a FireWire port and HD-audio jacks. The version with the handle weighs 7.5 kg and the version without weighs 6.7 kg.

System Build & Use
As small as the Thermaltake Lanbox is, it is still easy to install your components thanks to the modular design of the chassis. Inside the case there are a few rough edges that could nick your hands during the build. The case is requires no tools to disassemble, all major parts of the case are secured with thumb screws.

You might expect a case that can almost completely disassemble to be weak structurally, but the Thermaltake Lanbox is very strong and rigid. The placement of the hard drive cage allows for a single drive to be visible from outside and is also the external 3.5” drive bay. A drive cage on the bottom of the case can hold two more hard drives. Thermaltake arranged the hard drive cage so that owners of the Raptor X would be able to see the clear hard drive as it operated. There are also two external 5.25” drive bays.

Make no mistake here; the Thermaltake Lanbox is still a hefty feeling chassis when you pick it up. Only the front panel is made from aluminum, the remainder of the chassis is made from SECC steel. On a chassis aimed directly at those who take the machine to LAN parties frequently, it would have made more sense tome to build the entire chassis out of aluminum.

I also would prefer to see the chassis grow a bit to accommodate the standard sized ATX mainboards. The size increase could be offset a bit by making the chassis out of aluminum to bring the weight down to similar levels as the current design. You also have a choler choice with the Thermaltake Lanbox; it can be had in black or silver.




  • Small size
  • Good looks