Benedict Racaza

Benedict Racaza

I4U News Social Editor

Benedict Racaza is the Social Editor at I4U News. Along with Shivani, he primarily focuses on editing social media content for I4U News, and putting together special events. He also manages the experience for I4U followers and community members, moderating forums and actively engaging with his audience. His biggest passion is website promotion—he loves learning all the little tips and tricks for SEO, the ins-and-outs of social media, and applying them to maintain I4U News as the premiere website for the geek mind—drawing in millions of unique visitors a month. He makes it a point to constantly stay up-to-date with the latest website promotion techniques, and loves using a wide array of different tools to help promote I4U News.

Racaza also has a talent for computers, specifically troubleshooting. His education is in the field of Computer Engineering, and he excels at finding solutions to tech problems. Beyond I4U, he has plenty of hobbies—he loves watching basketball and roots for the San Antonio Spurs every season (Tim Duncan is awesome!), and dominates in more than a few different games—among them DOTA, Counter-Strike, and NBA 2K14. However, he lives and breathes for his family—they are his inspiration, and the reason for him to get out of bed in the morning. Every Sunday is a family day, with Mass in the mornings and movie time in the evenings—and, of course, maybe a few rounds of basketball with his children. He loves working for I4U News, because it allows him to do what he loves—and, more than anything, he loves putting a little money from each paycheck towards a savings fund. This is for the reason that he aspires to give his sons an excellent education when they grow up and give them the freedom to pursue whatever goals they set for themselves. Benedict is very ambitious and hard-working, and his contribution to I4U is invaluable.

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