Bijon Pramanik

Bijon Pramanik

I4U News Journalist

Bijon Kumar Pramanik is a Journalist at I4U News, specializing in all things Apple. He brings several years of experience in technology journalism to the table, and is an invaluable contribution to I4U News. His biggest passion is writing, and he loves bringing that expertise to the table to educate the geek audiences of I4U on the latest iProducts. He loves to learn, and has made a talent out of learning new things quickly—which allows him to very quickly digest and absorb the latest news coming out of the industry.

He’s currently a student, studying Software Engineering in college, and he also enjoys studying Mathematics on the side. Beyond his studies, he loves to travel, and also loves sitting down and reading a good book on his Galaxy Tab—his favorite personal gadget. His collegiate work ethic is very evident in his life, and he brings it to bear in the high-quality Apple stories he produces for I4U News—they’re always excellently written, meticulously researched, and as up-to-date as possible.

Whether he’s writing about the new manual camera controls being introduced in iOS 8, the family plans being introduced to iTunes to enable greater parental control and protection for children, or the Apple TV and iOS gaming controllers that were on display at E3 2014, Bijon brings a level of professionalism and insightfulness to I4U News that makes him an invaluable contribution to the team. With Apple’s massive hold on society and culture at large, Bijon’s articles reach a core part of I4U News’ audience, iPhone enthusiasts, and he is an integral part of making I4U News the premiere technology news website for the geek mind.

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