Chief Editor: Luigi Lugmayr

Manfred Luigi Lugmayr

I4U News Chief Editor

Luigi is the Founder and Chief Editor of I4U News, the premiere online magazine for nourishing the geek mind. When he started I4U News back in 2000, before the rise of blogs, the online entrepreneur had a vision—a website that would track and dissect the cutting edge of gadgetry and technology, providing geeks with the most up-to-date news across a wide variety of tech industries. Fourteen years later, Luigi’s brainchild has grown into a top news destination for technology enthusiasts of all different stripes. A glance at the home page headlines shows everything from the latest gadgets and video games to sports highlights or the hottest actresses in Hollywood today—everything the geek could want. In the process of building a news outlet that feeds the needs of millions of unique geek visitors per month, Luigi has assembled an incredible team. I4U News, once just a dream, now employs over a dozen people on its team, with specialties across a broad array of fields.

Before devoting himself full-time to I4U News, Luigi worked for several years in Silicon Valley, helping build programs for some of the hottest start-ups in the tech industry as a Software Product Manager. He holds a Masters in Computer Science, which he has put to excellent use over the years with I4U and Silicon Valley. When he’s not working on I4U News or contributing to other news outlets, he can usually be found in the great outdoors—racing down dirt trails on his mountain bike, or tearing up the ski slopes. At home, he loves to ponder the nature of the Internet, both present and future, while tearing apart his favorite dish, spaghetti marinara.

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