Ehsanul Haque Kanan

Ehsanul Haque Kanan

I4U News Journalist

Ehsanul Haque Kanan is a Journalist for I4U News, specializing in Apple products and wearable technologies. Since childhood, he’s had a passion for technology in all its forms—but when Apple arrived on the scene with the iPhone, he became a true believer. The sheer innovation that Apple brought to the table has continued to entrance him ever since. He devotes most of his writing with I4U News to covering the latest and greatest to come out of Cupertino, California—the headquarters for what is, in Ehsanul’s opinion, one of the best companies in the world.

As a technology journalist, he loves to speculate on the future, especially as it pertains to Apple. He uses his free time to research the latest trends and futurist predictions—learning about all the different paths that innovation, especially innovation in iDevices, is going. When he isn’t working for I4U News, he spends much of his time studying for his Bachelor’s of Science in Electronics and Electrical Engineering—a field he entered after realizing, in high school, his natural gift and love for Physics and Math.

Ehsanul also likes to spend some time apart from his studies. When he isn’t researching or reading a textbook, he will often sit down with his iPad (his favorite device, of course!) and read for fun. He has also been known to pick up a controller and dominate his friends in video games, from time to time. Beyond all this, he absolutely loves to sing, and can do it pretty well to top it off—something that not many of his friends know about! He loves to sit down and discuss the latest technology trends with fellow technology news addicts over a good burger. Ask him about Apple sometime!

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