Gene Ryan Briones

Gene Ryan Briones

I4U News Senior Journalist

Gene Ryan Briones is a Senior Journalist at I4U News. He comes to the team with a wide variety of experience in writing about the latest trends in the technology industry, ranging from mobile technology, gadgets and robots, to computer hardware and software. He worked for years in IT support for a telecommunications company, before realizing that his driving passion was writing. When he had that realization, he quit his job to start writing, and he’s been writing ever since. He comes to I4U News with writing experience from previous gigs at Android Authority and Ubergizmo.

Gene graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, and is also taking advanced studies in English. Beyond his studies, he spends his free time reading literature, programming, taking hikes, and working on computers. He also spends time outside of work digging up the latest and hottest technology news, making sure that he can keep I4U news as up-to-date as humanly possible. He’s also very into music, and loves playing and learning new instruments. At home, he enjoys making his favorite cuisine, Italian—he loves pizza and pasta!—and playing with his Nexus 5, checking out and analyzing the latest tech trends.

At I4U News, Gene brings his combined tech knowledge from his computer engineering courses, combined with his skills in deconstruction from his advanced English studies, to bear. He offers insightful analysis of the latest stories, such as Google’s latest acquisitions of start-up tech companies like Dropcam or Alpental Tech, to Apple’s work with professional athletes in developing the iWatch, or coverage of Amazon’s unveiling of their first smartphone. Gene is a key member of the I4U team, and his contribution is invaluable in making I4U News the premiere site for the geek mind.

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