Jarrod Scott Smith

Jarrod "Scott" Smith

I4U News Copy Editor

Jarrod Scott Smith is the head Copy Editor for I4U News. He’s a ferociously attentive reader, and works diligently to ensure that the content published on I4U News is as high-quality as possible—easily readable, error-free, and tailored specifically to the geek mind. Jarrod has his work cut out for him. With the fast-paced movement of technology news, I4U’s journalists work around-the-clock to ensure that the millions of unique visitors per month are provided with only the most up-to-date stories available—Jarrod’s work in editing those stories is essential to I4U.

Jarrod’s educational background is varied. After excelling in Math and sleeping through History in high school, he stumbled into Drafting and Design Technology, and just kept going. Now, he has degrees in Electronic Engineering, Drafting and Design Technology, and is pursuing a third degree in Mechanical Engineering. All of these different fields combine to grant him a unique perspective on the stories that come across his desk, allowing him to understand the various different industries and make each story accessible to the average geek.

When he’s not working, he loves going on the occasional hike, or breaking out the controller for a video game session. More than that, though, his favorite thing is spending time with his family—his beautiful wife and daughters are his inspiration, his driving force and motivation. He loves sitting down to devour a pizza (by far his favorite food!) for dinner with his family, and relaxing with them. When he’s alone, he loves reading books, looking at muscle car magazines, and playing around with his Samsung Galaxy S4. The I4U team is very thankful that he’s on-board, because without his invaluable contributions, I4U News would not be what it is today.