Jason Brumett

Jason Brumett

I4U News Journalist

Jason Brumett is a Journalist at I4U News, specializing in a wide variety of topics. His biggest passions are video games, football (both at the NFL and collegiate levels), and building computers from scratch. Before coming to I4U News, Jason was looking for a change—he wanted to pick up an online job that would allow him to sharpen his writing skills. He found himself a position at I4U News writing about sports, celebrity gossip, and the latest news on upcoming movies, and he’s been happy ever since.

Jason’s educational background is in Emergency Medicine, but he also excels in Mathematics. When he’s not on his over clocked gaming PC—he built it himself—running the newest games at ultra-high frame rates, he can usually be found at a sporting event, cheering on his favorite team. He also enjoys kicking back at the local bar, playing a few friendly games of pool with some of his friends, or with the other patrons of the establishment. He doesn’t view himself as much of a picky eater—simple chicken is his favorite food, and he loves devouring it in any different form.

Jason writes in a number of different areas, all of them of interest to the geek mind. Whether it’s a new post with details of the latest “Mad Max” trailer, released and starring Charlize Theron, a quote from Emily Blunt confessing about how she almost killed Tom Cruise on the set of Edge of Tomorrow, or an update on who the Baltimore Ravens just signed and released from the team—Jason always brings a fresh and unique perspective to the issue, delivering quality insight to his audience. Jason adds a great viewpoint to the I4U team, with valuable and timely contributions to help make I4U News the premiere website for the geek mind.

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