Jessica Hannan

Jessica Hannan

I4U News Journalist

Jessica Hannan is a Journalist for I4U News, specializing in societal issues and pop culture. Her passion is connection, and she loves bringing that passion to bear at I4U. She’s always been interested in both celebrities and geek culture, so when she was offered the chance to work for I4U News and report on all of the above, she eagerly leaped at it. She loves the idea of being able to write about comics, breaking news, and sports—all in the same day, and it’s what gets her out of bed in the morning. She’s currently about to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Art degree in English, with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies. To add to that, she will be finishing with a Minor in History, and she already has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology.

Jessica is a major liberal arts nerd—she loves anything even remotely related to social sciences or humanities, and that comes out strongly in her excellent reporting on society and culture for I4U News. Beyond studying what she loves, she has plenty of go-to’s for relaxation time. She’s a major foodie, and loves going out to all the different local restaurants, sampling their different cuisines, and writing up reviews for them. She also loves reality television—whenever she needs to unplug from reality for a bit, she’ll throw on a good home improvement show and kick back. She’s always open to meeting new people, and one of her favorite things is learning a stranger’s story—almost as good as a plate of sashimi, or nigiri salmon, foodie favorites of hers.

If she’s not watching reality TV or checking out the newest restaurants, Jessica can often be found at home, Skyping her fiancé on her Asus Memo Tablet, or reading a good book via Kindle app. And once in a while, if the stars align, she might even be writing a short story or two!

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