Pamela P Te

Pamela P Te

I4U News Office Manager

Pamela Te is the Office Manager at I4U News—without her, the website would not be possible. She handles the day-to-day managerial office tasks, and just as importantly, she works with the entire editorial team. She does an excellent job of managing the wide variety of different personalities spread among the team, and also helps to streamline the publishing process for each story. This makes certain that fresh content is being served up to the geek mind as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pam studied Biology and Nursing in college, before working for Sprint for several years in the customer care division. One day, she decided to check out freelancing work—it’s been four years since she made that decision, and she’s never looked back. Working at I4U has opened a whole new world for her, particularly in the areas of technology and business— giving her a wide range of experiences and knowledge. When she’s not doing office work, she enjoys pursuing a wide range of hobbies—gardening, healthy eating and cooking, learning about green technology, reading books, watching movies, and working to compile her family genealogy. She also loves to learn new things—one of her driving motivations and one of the reasons she loves working at I4U so much. She especially loves languages, and helped to build a website in 11 different languages.When she’s not learning the next language on her list, she can often be found reading a book on her tablet—her favorite gadget, hands down—via the Kindle app, or cooking up a batch of her favorite food—chicken adobo.

Pam is an essential member of the I4U team. She does so much behind-the-scenes work to bring the entire diverse editorial staff together and ensure that high-quality content is being pumped out as fast as humanly possible. Without her efforts, I4U would not today be the premiere site for the geek mind.

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