Poch De La Rosa

Poch de la Rosa

I4U News Journalist

Wilfredo Pocholo “Poch” M. de la Rosa II is a Journalist for I4U News, specializing in all things athletic. Three years ago, he applied for an online job writing regularly about sports, and fell in love with it. He’s been writing articles about sports ever since, and his insight is an awesome addition to the I4U team. He is passionate about several different sports: among them are football, baseball, basketball, NHL hockey, and virtually all college sports.

Poch holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, and a Master’s in Business Administration—he brings a very unique and fresh viewpoint on both sports and all things geek-related to I4U. Besides writing, which he developed a love for in high school English, he enjoys both public speaking and personal training, and considers them to be among his strongest talents. He absolutely loves writing about sports, because he takes pleasure in entertaining and informing sports fans of all different types. In the process of researching and learning about all the different sports he writes on, he becomes a more well-rounded fan, a win-win for both him and his audience.

When he’s at home relaxing, he loves reading sports books of all different kinds. He also has a little-known talent: he’s a great pianist, and will often sit down at his home piano and pound out a few bars to relax. When he’s not at home, he’s probably at the gym, staying in shape with a combination of weight training, cardio, and yoga. After he gets back from his sessions, he’ll often devour protein shakes, protein bars, fruits and vegetables—any healthy food is his favorite food. He’s a welcome part of the I4U team, bringing his expertise in sports to the premiere website for the geek mind.