Susan McGlaun

Susan McGlaun

I4U News Journalist

Susan McGlaun is a Journalist for I4U News, specializing in shopping and deals. She’s the editor of the shopping guide for I4U News, where she helps readers find only the best deals, and the most interesting products to buy. One of the things that makes her most happy is when she can help fellow geeks find an awesome deal that saves them a lot of money. She’s always very busy around the back-to-school and holiday seasons—ensuring that only the most up-to-date deals and steals are posted on the I4U News shopping guide, so that geeks can get the best bang for their buck.

Susan comes to the team with an educational background in Psychology, and a love of English. For a very long time, she’s always loved writing, as well as making things like wooden carvings with her hands—she has a particular love for making crosses in her spare time. Beyond writing for I4U News and making crosses, she has a deep love of reading—her favorite gadget is her Kindle tablet, and she loves to spend time at home with it. She also loves spending time at home with her family—they’re her passion, and her first thought when she wakes up in the morning is of her family. She especially loves sitting around the dinner table with her family and a plate piled high with fresh lasagna— her preferred dish.

Susan’s curated shopping guide is an excellent contribution to the I4U News site, the premiere site for the geek mind. She also writes extensively on celebrity news, ranging from Billy Joel saving a pedestrian from dying to a discussion of Josh Hutcherson’s performance as Peeta in the newest Hunger Games trailer. Her contributions to I4U News are invaluable, and she’s a welcome part of the team.

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