Top 10 Electric Cars 2015

Top 10 Electric Cars

This Top 10 Electric car list features interesting electric cars currently on the market.  

1. Tesla Model S P85D
This dual motor configuration model has tremendous acceleration.
Tesla PD85D

Tesla Model S P85D is a four wheel drive with a huge 17 inch touchscreen on the centre console. Split equally between the two electric motors, P85D has a 221hp front and a 470hp rear motor. Sprinting from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. This electric car is crazy fast and tops our Top 10 list. Teslas future update is said to add self parking, self steering, indicator stock as well as electronic traffic monitoring. 

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2. Mahindra Reva e2o
India’s only fully electric passenger car.

Mahindra Reva e2o runs on Lithium ion batteries offering the speed of 81mph and a range of 120km per charge. With an automatic gearshift, Reva e2o has a proper 6.2” touchscreen audio and entertainment unit. This electric car also has a GPS navigation system and despite being small as compared to regular cars, Reva e2o provides proper legroom for the front as well as back seats. 

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3. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive
Drive 87 miles on a single charge

Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive hits 60 mph in 6.8 seconds and can be charged in a bit more than 2 hours on 240 volts at a 60 mile range. With upscale features such as collision prevention, navigation and mbrace2, this B- Class Electric Drive comes with a 177-hp electric motor. It has less legroom as compared to BMW i3 and Tesla Model S 85 D. It comes with 3 driving modes; Sport, Economy and Economy Plus. 

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4. BMW i3
One of the lightest electric vehicle

The BMW i3 has an on board petrol power generator apart from being an all electric car. So, in case the battery diminishes, the petrol generator keeps the journey going. With a range between 80 and 100 miles, BMW i3 provides equivalent to 124 miles per gallon. It takes almost 7.2 seconds for a 0-62 mph sprint. The BMW i3 is a small car thus making it easy for the driver to adjust the steering.

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5. Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen e-Golf comes with multiple driving modes

E- Golf’s high voltage motor and power inverter is noiseless in both high as well as low speeds. Considered to be the 3rd most efficient car in the U.S. market, Volkswagen e-Golf offers the range of 83 miles when fully charged. The speed from 0- 60 MPH is assured in 10.03 seconds and the car’s battery is charged in 3 hours if one is having an appropriate 240V EVSE. 

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6. Chevy Spark EV
Available in selected US states

Chevy Spark EV runs at 199 combined miles per gallon and goes from 0- 60 miles in flat 7 seconds. This electric car comes with a high voltage battery which has a climate control feature. Chevy Spark EV maintains its ancillary functions as well as boots up its electronics with a marine-size 12- volt- lead acid. If the customers purchase a $750 electronic control box and a dedicated plug, Spark EV can be charged in 20 minutes. 

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7. Focus Electric
Focus Electric comes with a single speed gearbox.

Focus Electric can cover 76 miles on a full charge and runs at 105 miles per gallon. It takes 3.6 hours to fully charge the car via a 240 volt fast charging power source. The SmartGauge instrument cluster provides detailed instructions about the entire car functionalities. The SD based car navigation features an exclusive Ecoroutes path finding system which selects routes that use the minimum battery.

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8. Smart Electric Drive
The only electric vehicle with a convertible option

With an operating cost of $0.95 for every 25 miles, Smart Electric Drive is one of the most affordable electric vehicle on road today. The highest speed of this two seater electric vehicle is 78 miles per hour and 107 combined miles per gallon. As compared to other electric vehicles, Smart Electric Drive is not equipped with an infotainment system.

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9. Honda Fit EV
Honda Fit EV connects to an app available on android and IOS

Honda Fit EV provides its driving range, car temperature, pre heats or cools the cabin, schedules a charging session; all by connecting to its app. It has a combined EPA rating of 118 MPGE and provides a range of 40 to 50 miles per hour with a fully charged battery pack. It is a zero emission vehicle and has a proper voice activated navigation system. 

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10. Nissan Leaf
It has the largest batter tied at 24.0 kwh

Nissan Leaf has a proper TomTom unit which syncs to your phone and tells about the nearest charging unit, battery life, power flow as well as a milestone to go estimate.  It covers a distance of 124 miles on one single charge and is capable of reaching the top speed of 90 mph. Nissan Leaf comes with a 60,000 miles warranty and an audible system which stops people from crossing the road when the car is nearby. 

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