Triszia Marie Santos

Triszia Marie Santos

I4U News Copy Editor

Triszia Marie Santos is a Journalist for I4U News. She specializes in the latest mobile technology trends, and is a major early adopter. She loves picking up the latest in mobile tech and finding out whether the many geek followers of I4U News should spend their hard-earned time and money on it. When she’s in a mall, she instinctively gravitates towards the electronics vendors—itching to lay her hands on the cutting-edge technology on display. The latest Android phone, Google tablet, Asus notebook—she loves testing them all, and it was a habit even before it became her job. Despite the dozens of phones she’s tested, however, she always ends up back at home with her trusted iPhone, her favorite gadget.

Triszia studied Civil Engineering for several years before realizing that her passion truly lay in the online space. Her latest transition is to Multimedia Studies, and she thoroughly enjoys it, especially the aspects of her studies that she can apply to I4U! Besides her professional life and her studies, she loves music, and plays several instruments—she’s best at guitar and piano, and can spend hours at home strumming chords or playing the notes to her favorite songs.

Triszia describes herself as a “jack-of-all-trades”—she’s mastered the art of learning, and uses that to better understand the world around her. More specifically, she loves to take what she’s mastered and use it to break down mobile tech trends and analyze the minute details of the mobile technologies she’s reviewing. In so doing, letting you know the best ways to retrieve a lost iPhone, awesome Android apps for productivity, expectations for the newest generation of Apple products, or the best phones for panorama photos. She’s the person to go to with any mobile tech questions, and she makes a great addition to the I4U team.

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