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Merilee Kern, Executive Editor & Producer of The Luxe List International News Syndicate, is a lifestyle, leisure and consumer goods expert who reports on noteworthy travel experiences, products, services and events at all price points – from the highly affordable to the luxury extreme. She keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s trending across all leisure and lifestyle product, service and travel categories to inform, enlighten and entertain. Also an award-winning author, APP developer, owner of a thriving communications agency, a two-time fitness champion and a proud mother of two, Merilee is the very definition of a renaissance woman. She may be reached online at Follow her on Twitter here: and Facebook here:

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Gotta-Get Extras for iPhone X

With recently reporting that Apple sold an estimated 6 million iPhone X units this past Black Frida...

Dec 4 2017, 6:35pm CST

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Epic ‘Something for Everyone’ Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

Ah, holiday shopping—the time of year when we go toe-to-toe, elbow-to-elbow and sometimes nose-to-nose with other merry-makers...

Dec 4 2017, 5:32pm CST

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7 Apps to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays (and Beyond)

Amid the holiday season where budgets feel squeezed and pinched to the max, there's help in the form of cash-inducing apps! To&...

Oct 3 2017, 2:39pm CDT

Courtesy AtmosFX

Halloween Haunts Go High-Tech with AtmosFX Digital Decorations

In some neighborhoods, each October it’s outright competition to see which house can deck out their digs in the creepiest confi...

Oct 2 2017, 6:18pm CDT

Courtesy Hisense

Gift-Worthy Fall Finds

While fall ushers in an array of annual delights, like cooler weather, gorgeous foliage, chunky sweaters, and pumpkin spice, it...

Sep 25 2017, 11:19am CDT

6 Tech-Driven Sweat-Busting Solutions

6 Tech-Driven Sweat-Busting Solutions

Product Innovations Reduce Profuse Sweating Problems Today’s breed of tech-driven product innovations help address an age-old,...

Aug 8 2017, 4:28pm CDT

Savvy Tech Solutions That’ll Enhance Your Life

Savvy Tech Solutions That’ll Enhance Your Life

As one who is exposed to new product innovations as a regular course of business, I’ve seen my fair share cool gear and smart s...

Aug 3 2017, 3:36pm CDT

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Awesome Summer Tech Solutions to Streamline Daily Life

Ah, summer... vacation time, R&R, and a reprieve (however slight) from the regular responsibilities of daily life. Even so,...

Jul 5 2017, 2:24pm CDT

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Enchantment Abounds at Puerto Vallarta’s ‘Rhythms of the Night’ Dinner Show

Rhythms of the Night is an immersive dinner show experience like none other, transforming your night into an enchanted eve...

Jun 23 2017, 3:58am CDT

Copyright Banana Wave_Fresh Start Beverage Company

BANANA WAVE Bananamilk an ‘A-peeling’ Non-Dairy Option

Move over almond, soy, coconut and other non-dairy milk alternatives....there’s a new and decidedly tasty milk substitute in th...

Jun 23 2017, 3:15am CDT

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Personal Photos & Videos ‘Go Hollywood’ with UrLife Mini-Movies

People have always snapped photos on vacation, but the proliferation of smartphones has ushered in dramatic changes in the way...

Jun 23 2017, 2:39am CDT

Photo Credit: The Luxe List

Bleu Bohème San Diego Enchants With Free-Spirited French Fare

Ensconced in San Diego’s delightful Kensington neighborhood, Bleu Bohème is a must-visit eatery for anyone in San Diego county...

Jun 23 2017, 1:37am CDT

Credit Govberg Watches

‘WatchBox by Govberg’ App a Timely Father’s Day Find

In 2016, consumers spent an estimated $14.3 billion on gifts for Father's Day. Traditional gifts include things like power tool...

Jun 2 2017, 8:02pm CDT

7 Useful Summer Solutions

7 Useful Summer Solutions

After a long and chilly winter that lingered longer than many would prefer, summer is finally in full effect.  Amid this s...

Jun 2 2017, 7:26pm CDT

Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Undoubtedly Impress

Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Undoubtedly Impress

Genius gear gift ideas for home mixologists, kitchen commandos, entertaining aficionados, style savants, gadget geeks and those...

Jun 2 2017, 6:55pm CDT

5 Problem-Solving Self-Care Solutions

5 Problem-Solving Self-Care Solutions

Ever on the hunt for consumer goods that solve ubiquitous annoyances, I’ve come across a selection of self-care solutions that...

May 7 2017, 6:32pm CDT

7 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

7 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Mother's Day is on Sunday May 14....

May 4 2017, 12:55pm CDT

Courtesy PrivateRX

5 Problem-Solving Self-Care Solutions

Ever on the hunt for consumer goods that solve ubiquitous annoyances, I’ve come across a selection of self-care solutions that...

May 4 2017, 12:39pm CDT

Courtesy Soap Studio

M.I.N.D. Brainwave-Controlled Game System Hits Market

Cerebral combat trainer allows you to play ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ by combining brainwaves and holographic projec...

Mar 30 2017, 7:05pm CDT


Cool Spring Things: 16 Trend-Forward Finds

Every spring brings with it the perfect opportunity for fresh beginnings as days become longer and the weather warms.  Giv...

Mar 30 2017, 6:41pm CDT


7 Ways Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort Ups the Luxe All-Inclusive Ante

The newest property in Grand Velas Resorts’ esteemed portfolio is Grand Velas Los Cabos — an all-inclusive spa resort with...

Mar 17 2017, 2:01am CDT

I4U news

5 Key ‘Make or Break’ Life Insurance Trends

New laws, emerging technology, fiscal uncertainty and changing marketplace perceptions are making big impacts on the life insur...

Mar 14 2017, 3:22am CDT


Maverick Mattress Biz Wakes Up Tired Industry

When a consumer brand sets an entirely new benchmark, you know they’re on to something big. Very big. This is the case with Nol...

Mar 14 2017, 2:32am CDT

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5 Disruptive Luxury Travel Trends Shattering the Status Quo

With the global luxury market collectively growing at 4 percent to an estimated $1.15 (€1.08) trillion in 2016, according to a...

Mar 13 2017, 11:57pm CDT

Culinary Cultural Immersion a Foodie-Forward Travel Trend

Culinary Cultural Immersion a Foodie-Forward Travel Trend

:::Indigenous epicurean adventure escalates among ‘victual vacationers’:::Exemplifying this is data from Venngage und...

Feb 21 2017, 1:47am CST

Hair Havoc No More with Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy

Hair Havoc No More with Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy

Winter weather, and the subsequent use of indoor heat to stay warm, can have an extreme drying effect on the skin—and this most...

Feb 20 2017, 7:30pm CST

Grayton Automatic Watches an Admirable Accessory for All

Grayton Automatic Watches an Admirable Accessory for All

We live in a fast-paced wardrobe world where few fashions stand the test of time. One exception, however, lies in the world of...

Feb 20 2017, 6:49pm CST

Courtesy, Inc.

Tasty Valentine’s Day Gifts with Direct-to-Door Delivery

According to the National Confectioners Association (NCA), chocolate accounted for approximately 59 percent of U.S. candy reta...

Feb 1 2017, 9:06pm CST

Courtesy Roseshire

11 Endearing Valentine’s Day Gifts & Gets

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift that’s sure to charm the loved ones in your life? With so many options to choose...

Feb 1 2017, 8:35pm CST

Courtesy Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

7 Reasons Dining at Marina Kitchen San Diego Is a Must-Do

Destination-driven gourmands will do well to visit Marina Kitchen restaurant ensconced in the San Diego Marriott Marquis hotel....

Feb 1 2017, 7:39pm CST

Courtesy of HealthyWage

‘Pay-for-Pounds’ Contests Prompting Workplace Weight Loss

:::Four Key Marketing Strategies Helping Business Groups of all Sizes ‘Diet for Dollars’ to Boost Bottom Lines as Innovative...

Jan 19 2017, 2:26pm CST

 Courtesy MMTUM Inc.

Oleum Vera Introduces DIY Organic Hair Care Kit

New to the beauty scene is Oleum Vera, a fresh new line of “Do-It-Yourself” organic and sustainability-minded beauty kits tha...

Jan 5 2017, 7:23pm CST


How to Make Money on Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolutions, apparently the odds are not in your favor of achieving it. Reports indicate that upwa...

Dec 21 2016, 3:34pm CST

New Year, New You: 7 Ways to Start 2017 Right

New Year, New You: 9 Ways to Start 2017 Right

A fresh New Year is upon us and it’s time to recalibrate our self-care strategies to amp up our health, fitness and overall we...

Dec 21 2016, 2:58pm CST

Copyright Varidesk (tm)

VARIDESK Standing Desk a Smart Wellness Solution

The pitfalls of sitting too much have been well-proven, with the gravely serious risks ranging from medical conditions like di...

Dec 13 2016, 2:22am CST

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Like untold millions of others, amid the rapidly approaching holiday you may be frantically trying to find that perfect gift f...

Dec 13 2016, 1:52am CST

The Luxe List: Holiday Gift Picks 2016

The Luxe List: Holiday Gift Picks 2016

With statistics revealing that nearly half of Americans are planning to use a digital device (desktop, laptop, smartphone or...

Nov 18 2016, 7:46pm CST

3 SoCal Locales Where Holiday Spirit Runs High

4 SoCal Locales Where Holiday Spirit Runs High

Southern California is known for having more than its fair share of hot spots, from the trendiest happy hour haunts, to hotels...

Nov 18 2016, 6:25pm CST

5 Wine & Spirits Gifts Suited for Any Season

5 Wine & Spirits Gifts Suited for Any Season

There’s no better way to usher in the holiday spirit than with a tasty cocktail or two. And, with 2-year worldwide sales volum...

Nov 18 2016, 6:14pm CST

I4U news

Celebrity Chefs to Convene at the 13th Annual San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival

There are few annual events that get me as excited as the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival—a week-long extravaganza showcasi...

Nov 4 2016, 5:49pm CDT