Richard Gere and Padma Lakshmi Break Up

Richard Gere Breaks up with Padma Lakshmi

Richard and Padma finally call it quits on their relationship....

Oct 14 2014, 7:45am CDT

Richard Gere Dating Padma Lakshmi

Richard Gere is Secretly Dating Padma Lakshmi

Actor Richard Gere is said to be secretly dating Padma Lakshmi these days while he is in the middle of his divorce from Carey L...

Apr 22 2014, 9:24am CDT

Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion

Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion

The otherwise slim and smart Padma Lakshmi showed bad taste in fashion with her latest ensemble. The midriff baring look simply...

Apr 19 2014, 10:50am CDT