60% of Adults are for Ban on Powdered Alcohol

60% of Adults are for Ban on Powdered Alcohol

According to a new poll sixty percent of U.S. adults in the nationally-representative Mott poll favor a complete ban of powdere...

Jun 15 2015, 2:22pm CDT

Powdered Alcohol Palcohol is approved for Sale

Powdered Alcohol Palcohol is Approved for Sale

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved the controversial Palcohol for sale in the United States....

Mar 12 2015, 3:30am CDT

Powdered Alcohol: Palcohol is Not Approved Yet

Powdered Alcohol Palcohol is Not Approved

Powdered Alcohol is not approved yet. A new product Palcohol seemed to have entered market circulation. Termed powdered alcohol...

Apr 22 2014, 5:03am CDT

Powdered Alcohol makes its way to the market

Now all you need for a drink is powder and some water...

Apr 20 2014, 11:12am CDT