Microsoft's Silverlight 4 Coming April 13

Microsoft's new online video standard will officially hit the Internet next week, when Silverlight 4 comes out of its "Release...

Apr 7 2010, 10:43pm CDT

Netflix Movie Streaming comes to Apple Mac enabled by Microsoft Silverlight

Apple Mac users can now also stream movies from Netflix with the 2nd generation Netflix Media player based on Microsoft Silverl...

Oct 27 2008, 1:09am CDT

Microsoft releases Silverlight 2

Microsoft releases Sliverlight 2. The first release of Silverlight dates back over one year. Silverlight is Microsoft's answe...

Oct 13 2008, 1:06pm CDT

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight

Adobe announced the Adobe Media Player and Microsoft sounds-off Silverlight as the future of online video entertainment. Micro...

Apr 17 2007, 7:43am CDT