PDA Review: PalmOne Tungsten T5 PDA Review

The PDABuyersGuide reviews the new PalmOne Tungsten T5 PDA that got officially announced this week. Quote: "A very nice Palm...

Oct 7 2004, 11:37pm EST

Tungsten T5 officially announced

Tungsten T5 officially announced

PalmOne officially launches the Tungsten T5. After some rumors and fake images now the real Tungsten T5 is here. The new Palm...

Oct 4 2004, 2:40pm EST

Tungsten T5 Photos were Hoax

The Tungsten T5 photos and news surfaced last week were a hoax. Read about it on the source of the hoax: 1src. We at least ha...

Sep 1 2004, 10:02am EST

Palm One Tungsten T5 Rumors and Photos

Palm One Tungsten T5 Rumors and Photos

Update 09/01/04: The Tungsten T5 Story is a Hoax. Ignore Story below or just read it for fun. 1src, a PalmOS News Site, repor...

Aug 29 2004, 3:46am EST