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Facebook to Update Policy After Hate Speech and Advertisers Backlash

Facebook is facing intense pressure from civil rights activists and feminist groups to change its content strategy. Mark Zuckerberg recently admitted to the failure of the site in curtailing hate speech towards women and minorities that also results in losing many advertisement like Nationwide and Nissan. Its content policy is seriously being looked into for some reformation.

May 29 2013, 9:19am CDT | by

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Facebook to Update Policy After Hate Speech and Advertisers Backlash

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Facebook to Update Policy After Hate Speech and Advertisers Backlash

Facebook to Update Policy After Hate Speech and Advertisers Backlash

Facebook may have gone too far in its social networking project. The site is under attack from everyone now ranging from women groups, minorities and advertisement companies. According to BBC News , certain gay and lesbian groups have complained regarding the cruel speech posted by some regarding their preferences. Finally, and most importantly, feminists have declared a war against Facebook for its glamorization and glorification of anti-female hate speech and domestic violence.

A report from Marketing Magazine says that with the proliferation of extremely insensitive and rude remarks regarding half the human race (females) the human rights activists are up in arms against Mark Zuckerberg’s Frankenstein Monster. The hate speech is not the only problem at present. There is a lot of other related garbage that needs to be cleared up from cyberspace. The graphic details portrayed on some posts are virtually unwatchable if not emetic. An example would be a four minute video of an infant being hit by someone. Then there is the video of a man being decapitated. Things have simply gone too far. These irresponsible actions must be controlled or else there will be utter chaos.  

After several ads depicting domestic violence were taken off Facebook, over 15 companies decided to shift from the social networking site for good. These include among their ranks such giants as Nationwide and Nissan . Many feminist task forces such as WAM and the Everyday Sexism Project sent a petition signed by over 200,000 concerned females who don’t want the nefarious message of cruelty to women to be spread by this site. Mark Zuckerberg finally had to give in to the demand for reform. He looked crestfallen as he admitted in a public message that his social media organization had failed in controlling its content.

Censorship efforts are already underway as the head and founder of Facebook has set up training groups that will direct a team of experts who will work day and night for content containment. Any offensive or crude images and words will be deleted as per the rules. While freedom of expression is a good thing it doesn’t mean license to say anything that comes in your mind. There are limits beyond which freedom tips over into perversion and blasphemy. That’s where the law has to step in via the form of censorship to put things right. The fact that the head honcho at Facebook has admitted his error goes in his favor since accepting ones faults is an act of bravery and takes a lot of responsibility. The changes will take place but it will take some time for the act of cleaning up the detritus.

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