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Will Smith talks about After Earth – and about hopes for his acting family

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Will Smith wants his acting family to be bigger than the Barrymores. The 44-year-old star says he hopes to echo the success of that famed multi-generational clan of theatre and film actors – Drew Barrymore's relatives who were ...

May 23 2013, 2:34am CDT

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Update: 10

2013 Milwaukee Film Festival announces "Earth" as fall centerpiece

Source: On Milwaukee

The 1930 Soviet silent film "Earth" will serve as the 2013 Milwaukee Film Festival's centerpiece. Altos, a 12-piece Milwaukee ensemble, will provide a live original score for the silent film. Photo: Kat ...
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"That's the Jedi mind trick. You're not going to get me, boy."

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Queen Latifah Show Seeks Unsung Hero Nominations

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STUDIO CITY ( — Who’s your unsung hero? The Queen Latifah Show is looking for remarkable people making a difference in the lives of others to feature when the daytime talk show debuts this fall on CBS. The show, which in ...
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Nepal-Africa film festival opens with 'Earth Anthem'

Source: Movie Balla

Kathmandu, June 19 — The third edition of the Nepal-Africa Film Festival opened with the screening of "Earth Anthem", a short film written, produced and directed by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K. The screening of ...
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Update: 5

Drake on Chris Brown Feud: I Wish We Could "Talk It Out Man-to-Man"

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It's been a year since Drake and Chris Brown were involved in a nightclub scuffle at former New York City hotspot W.i.P., where both bottles and fists were thrown and the venue was trashed. Brown and his bodyguard were in ...
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After Earth for Oscars

Source: News24

After Earth is a wonderful, rare gem of a movie. First and foremost, it is entertaining and appropriate for all ages. This is no watered-down animation where parents or older siblings are obliged to just sit through patiently wi ...
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Will and Jada Smith treat the children to Hawaii to sporty mini-break after disappointment of After Earth

Source: Daily Mail - UK

The poor reviews of Will Smith's After Earth must have stung the jovial megastar. So it's understandable that he wanted to get away from it all in the wake of vitriolic feedback. The movie was, of course, a family affair; starri ...
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Is the Fresh Prince starting to turn a little stale?

Source: Irish Independent

After two decades as Hollywood's Golden Boy, Will Smith has got a blockbuster-sized problem. Smith's latest mega-expensive sci-fi extravaganza, After Earth, has been savaged by the critics and flopped at the box-office, taking just €20m o ...
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Drew Barrymore on Will Kopelman's Family: "I Won the In-Laws Jackpot"

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As the daughter of two actors (and the granddaughter of showbiz vet John Barrymore ), Drew Barrymore didn't have the most traditional upbringing. But what her life lacked in normalcy then, she's making up for now with husband Will K ...
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