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Microsoft to Release Xbox One in November for $499

Microsoft has announced all details about its new next generation console for gamers. The Xbox One has a $499.99 or £429 cost on the tag attached to it. It will be released in 21 countries of the world simultaneously in November.

Jun 11 2013, 5:03am CDT | by

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Microsoft to Release Xbox One in November for $499

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Microsoft to Release Xbox One in November for $499

Microsoft to Release Xbox One in November for $499

Expensive stuff may live up to its reputation. At the E3, Microsoft revealed that its Xbox One will cost over 400 pounds in cold hard cash. Microsoft officially announced to release Xbox One in November for 21 markets around the world with price tag $499.99 /£429 /€499. The gamers will have to pay the price for their passion. Microsoft is also offering new members a 14 days free trial of Xbox Live Gold. The news got out just a few moments prior to Sony’s release of its Playstation 4. Sony happens to be the arch-rival of Microsoft. There were several games which also got launched. They include within their purview: Metal Gear Solid and Halo.

Furthermore, a new feature named Twitch will let players broadcast their games online. There are games galore for the players and so they won’t have to worry too much about the price. Both Microsoft and its main competitor Sony want to turn games into a social entertainment experience. And though the price tag may make one dizzy yet it holds a lot in store for the electronic enthusiasts among us. The attention has for now shifted to Sony. Everybody wants to know what they have in response to Microsoft. If it is any similar contraption they will get a hero’s welcome. But if it doesn’t measure up then it will be too bad for Sony.

As for the Xbox One, it is an all-facilities-under-one-roof gaming device. Providing entertainment such as TV, movies and songs, this devastating device has a Blu-ray drive, 500GB Hard, Skype facility, Kinect camera to boot with accessories of a wireless controller, play&charge kit and chat headset. Meanwhile, Sony is about to flabbergast the world with its Playstation 4 at the E3. There were queries as to if Microsoft has not pushed the envelope too far regarding its price label. Among some of the games that will get featured on Xbox One is Forza Motorsports 5. Its “Drivatar” is the new “in” thing. Then there is Killer Instinct. Finally, there is Project Spark, another game that is in a league of its own.

Microsoft also giving a range of different offers for gamers with Xbox One. It includes:

  • Xbox Live Gold 14 days free trail offer for new members.
  • Exclusive offer comes with limited number of Xbox One Day One editions for gamers who will purchase system on first day of lunch. It has bonus content of multiplayer map 'Ryse: Son of Rome', 'Forza Motorsport 5', 'Kinect Sports Rivals' and 'Dead Rising 3'.
  • Microsoft also offers 2 free game downloads every month from Xbox 360 for each qualified Xbox Live Gold new or old member. This offer starts from 1st July and valid till 31st December,2013. 'Halo 3' and 'Assassin’s Creed II' games are also included in free offer.
  • While only for the month of June,to celebrate E3 event, Microsoft offers free download of 'Fable III' for Xbox Live Gold members.

All these games which have their fixed modules in the Xbox One are a blessing for gamers. They entertain and keep them busy for hours and hours. If it wasn’t for this adrenaline high and dopamine shot that these exciting games deliver where would half the world be? As leisure time expands there is room for more stimulating stuff to take over where once there were only work assignments. The Xbox One will see to it that the gamers of the globe are kept busy in their free time.


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Developers now have access to 100% of Xbox One GPU

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