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Apple and Chiat Combine Forces to Boost Brand

Apple Incorporated is pairing up with its advertising partner, Chiat to campaign for uplifting the crunchy fruit logo brand. The two have combined forces to boost the brand loyalty of the former via the efforts of the latter.

Jun 12 2013, 8:59am CDT | by

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Apple and Chiat Combine Forces to Boost Brand

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Apple and Chiat Combine Forces to Boost Brand

Apple and Chiat Combine Forces to Boost Brand

There is a whole history of Apple ads, from the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Theme (Make Love not War) to the Orwellian 1984-Style Motif (Hammer hitting a Screen of Big Brother). However, despite the hard sell, recent sales of Apple products have fallen through the roof thanks in no small part to Google’s Android assault. Therefore, Apple and Chiat, the company behind most of its 90s and Noughties ads, have gotten together to come up with a campaign in order to get back to being #1.

According to Bloomberg , the new series of ads that will get churned out will emphasize the Apple family of electronic goods. The news was leaked out by certain people who requested that they not be named. The day before today one of the advertisements was given a chance to go live on air. Many others will get displayed in the upcoming months. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has spoken of how the campaign is focused on getting back to basics. Apple, as Steve Jobs defined it, is all about simplifying lives. And so the ads will concentrate on the links between the various iPhones and iPads and iPods as they collectively make life a game worth playing.

So many times large companies get so caught up in the ordinary everyday hassles that they lose track of who they are or where they belong. This can be quite detrimental to productivity as well as creativity. It would be better for them to get down to brass tacks and use some lean thinking in the process. The ads that will get featured will not be zooming in on merely products though. Rather they are all about the Apple Aura. The solving of routine problems via smart technology that blends in with the environment is what this big brand is basically about.

Meanwhile the rate of worldwide growth in electronic goods has left Apple dazed and confused. Advertising has time and again given a booster shot to Apple. Though it has also been criticized for its media hype, yet Apple products come close to the display signs that portray them before the public. Steve Jobs himself picked up the pieces of a financially ruined Apple with his 90s “Think Different” ads. It seems such a critical moment has arrived once again. That is one of the main reasons behind this joint effort by Apple and Chiat to regain its image as the trailblazer of technological innovation.


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Neon signs are dying, but our appreciation isn’t

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